Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tis the season

I can't believe it's close to the end of the year. It feels like just yesterday I was getting ready to start a brand new school year. It's amazing how time just keeps moving us forward. I have to say that Christmas time is a lovely time, but not right now. The weather has been so erratic. It was up to 67 degrees yesterday!!! What's up? I dunno, but I think the temperatures are going to be falling and falling yet again. Which is the way it should be, no?

Any who, J and I finally got up the tree, and it looks good. It's a little bit on the small side, but slightly larger than last year. I love the decorations we have. I have a lot of sentimental ones from when I was a kid, and even some of the ornaments that were from my parents' first trees when they were first married. They weren't expensive by any means.... (99 cents and Dart Drug for12 round, glittery balls in green and red). But they hold memories of hanging on so many of our family trees. And that's the best part.

I'm also on a baking spree. I've made 3 batches so far. Chocolate chip (of course), lemon cookies, and peanut butter balls. I am still setting out to do at least 3 mores (Russian tea cakes, chocolate, and Linzer cookies). I love to bake, and this amount of baking only happens once a year. Plus, they make good gifts. And since I have neighbors this year, I feel like I should extend a batch of cookies there way.

So, there's about 2 1/2 more days of school, I have kids finishing up some self portraits (too big, they're never going to finish them) and the girls are working on prints (which are coming out nicely, but it's hectic trying to clean it all up). The kids are pretty low-key these days. A lot of students are actually finishing up their sentences, and are able to go home before the holidays. But each day we get a couple of new ones in...

I'll be glad to have a break. We've never gotten 2 full weeks off before, and it's much needed for all of us. It's been so erratic these past few months, and even though we're all handling it well, and doing our jobs, we need this break. I kind of wish we could have a year 'round schedule so we could more breaks like this.....never going to happen.

NO huge plans this Christmas time. Just spending it with the family and some friends. I hope to catch up on some reading, and painting (for myself) and watching some movies, and of course trying to catch up on some sleep (easier said than done).

So this isn't much of a post. But I did get a new camera, and I'll be taking pictures throughout the holiday season.....

Ok. Merry Everything.....

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Fall

Have you heard of this movie? It came out a year or two ago. I'm not sure what the reviews were like, but I thought it was an amazing film. Not only was it filmed all over the world, the cast of characters are fantastic.

It's a surreal movie about this guy who tells a story to this little girl while they're both in the hospital. He uses the story to get her to do things for him and her imagination runs wild with the story. It's a fantasy really, and it's as beautiful as it is sad, happy, funny, dramatic, and strange. Everything I could ever want in a movie!

I highly suggest that you check it out, even if it's just for beautiful imagery of the countries they shoot in - China, India, Romania, Italy, England, Argentina, Cambodia, Fiji...just to name a few.

It also didn't hurt to have Lee Pace as the bed-ridden patient... I LOVE HIM!

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Oh to go to a shelter and look at all the cute little faces of all the dogs. That is what I did two times this week. J and I came to a decision that we can really get a dog, and we can really take care of it. And we've decided to try and adopt one from a local shelter. And-- this must be the place to do it, because there were some really sweet dogs. But especially this one little guy.

This one little guy is called Colton (would be changed if I had him-- but anyway). He's a black labradoodle. He's 3 months old, and the shaggiest cutest thing you'd ever want to see... I'll even post a pictures in hopes that he becomes mine.

He is totally trainable, sweet, warm, and loves to be around people. I think he'd be the perfect mix for us. We have a yard, and room for him to grow into. He will get huge.. No doubt. His cute paws are huge. I mean HUGE! He's not even close to being full grown. But if we got him now, he'd be totally easy to care of.

So, are you sitting, are you waiting, are you wondering why I don't have this cute pup in my grasp yet? Well, hold on to your mittens my friends. There's a short wait list. In fact, there's just one person ahead of me on this list. Wait for it...............

It's Barack Obama. Yes. The Obamas might get "MY" dog. I'm thinking, I Obama my vote, and carefully carved his likeness on a pumpkin. Isn't that enough? Apparently, animal shelters in the area are in the know about the Obama's family needs for a certain type of pet. He did say a mutt, didn't he? Well, they're looking for a labradoodle, and they would want to adopt rather than buy a dog. Totally respect that.... So Animal Shelters in Alexandria, Arlington...etc.. are putting in bids for Obama to take the dog from them. So, the likelihood of me actually getting this dog as a part of my family is kind of slim. I can only hope and pray to the gods above that this shelter may actually choose me. I'd love to find out now. But I guess I may not know until January. In the meantime, the pup is stuck in the shelter.

I'm willing and waiting... I think he should be with us. So cross your fingers, I hope I really get this cute, loveable, adorable chewing machine.... It would be the best Christmas ever.