Thursday, August 30, 2007

Unofficially the last weekend of summer

Well, what do you know? Another summer has come and gone. And really, they just go faster and faster. I really wish it would be fall that would last a little longer. But maybe if it did, I wouldn't appreciate it as much. But the colors of the leaves are what I look forward to most of all. And the fact that I don't need any air conditioner to make those load sounds in my ears as I try to dream.

School officially starts for me on Tuesday. I have been back for weeks now, but not doing too much. Today I think I might of attended what were much like infomercials. Buy this art curriculum, buy that art curriculum..... I even got to make a cheesy knock off of a greek vessel. Is this what tourist shops order?

ARGH-- There's gotta be a way to use my time better. How about completing a painting? Give me salary to work on my own art. Oh well. What can I say.

I can't believe it's almost 2008. I can't believe I"m almost 32. I can't believe I think I'm starting to really like where I work.

There have been a lot of epiphanies lately. Some of you may know the other ones.... so it's been a good summer. For once I think I'm willing to make a home out of the place where I live. For once I'm realizing how lucky I am to be where I'm at. Not that I've never felt that before, it's just that I've not felt this way in a long time.

So here's to fall. Bring it on, I'm ready for what you have in store for me. BRING IT!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

This is crazy

Didn't read all the comments for this one, but apparently we have higher pain tolerance. Maybe it's linked to the emotional pain we feel growing up with red hair......ohhhhhhhh snap.

Wait, this one says we need more pain I'm confused.

Oh no, even stars ahve it bad

At the rate we're going, it could be true

Here's another finding

Wikipedia says only 1%. But they also say so much more which may or may not be true. I guess it depends on your point of view.

A dying breed

According to the National geographic redheads make up 2% of the world's population. And apparently by 2100 we'll all be gone.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

No more driving for a while

I really do like to drive, but I don't like to drive 13- 14 hours in a span of 36 hours. That's right, do the math. It's not the most driving I've done in a short time span, because after all, I did go across the country a few times. However, driving through NYC during a summer weekend, is less than fun. But, it was all worth it to attend a "Second" wedding of one of my good friends. And it was a little adventurous, i.e. Jersey Turnpike. Nothing beats being passed over and over by car after car, even when you're already going well over a certain speed limit. I also had to drive along side a massive amount of motorcycles..... .too fast... too furious, if you know what I mean.

And what can I say about the freakish drivers of Connecticut. Ummm, just don't drive. Just get off the road.

I feel like I can truly appreciate the drivers in my area now, we're not as bad as all the other places crammed along the east coast. Yes, the beltway is akin to a nascar speed way, but at least people take in mind which lane they are driving in... the slow ones really do tend to stay towards the right. And the there is a definite middle of the road (where I tend to hang out) and the far left lanes. Humm... kind of says something politically doesn't it... although, I would say I definitely lean a little more to the left.

Anywho- it was a nice drive. Connecticut is beautiful. It's very green and quaint. I have only driven past Stamford and New Haven on my way up to Mass, but this time I got to actually be in the state and see some towns, and they're nice. The air was crisp too. I realize that it's been cooler than it has been all over the east these past few days, but it was a perfect day yesterday. Just amazing.

So it was all worth it. The wedding was nice. However, I'm glad I won't be driving that far for a while now.

So here are some pics:

Tamar and me. She and her husband.. and new baby Flora will be moving up to Connecticut in a couple of weeks. Lucky! Although I'm going to miss them.

Ruth (a bride 2-times.... to the same man, don't be like that). She looked beautiful and wore her mom's gown.

The ladies. A picture with Ruth's friends and Cousins.

Monday, August 13, 2007

It's gone to their heads!

I think we really really need a cloudy day soon, because all this sun is making people forget how to drive! The Vitamin D-- it's just killing all the brain cells. It's going to kill me, and that's no joke. People switching lanes for no reason, a motorcycle popping a wheelie past an 18 wheeler going god knows how fast. A jeep slamming on their breaks in the next lane because they're not paying attention.. AND-- watch out for those crazy bike people! And don't even get me started on the people who forget to even slow down for stop signs....

Argh... I hope I make it through my long drive this coming weekend. It will be a miracle!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Is it counterproductive to the recycling efforts of Whole Foods to give out placemats that are made of the reuseable bag material. I'd rather use the bag. I guess that's big business for you. I guess I'll stick to MOM's- My Organic Market. At least it's local. And-- they use windpower! But then again, WF is more gourmet than earth friendly.. but not as gourmet as Balducci's (which I will be quiting real soon).

Monday, August 06, 2007

It starts all over again.

That's right, it's back to school again. Back to the grind. And throughout the whole summer (all 4 weeks of it) I have built up in my mind to what might be one of the worst days of my life. I tossed and turned all through last week, woke up in the middle of the night worried with fear, anxious racing thoughts throughout the day. It was horrible.

This morning I woke up, felt my heart and it was beating fast. Got ready to go, jumped in my car, played some calm music, and drove up to the center. My heart was racing, faster and faster until I got in and realized it wasn't as bad as I had thought.

I walked down the hall and everything was the same (except for the "new" dingy blue carpet). The walls were repainted and bare. No one was there except me and my thoughts. And I didn't feel that pains and anxiety I was feeling before. I was glad I showed up first and had some time to get my bearings. People smiled at me and welcomed me back. A few were surprised that I had. And admittedly, I was too. I tried all summer to try and find a new position, and the only ones who wanted me were China and Bahrain. No thanks.

To my surprise I was granted a classroom! My very own classroom. Turns out that it meant I also had to move all my stuff, and every one's stuff as well. I can do things my way. I will have more control over what happens in this room. I will have control over the supplies, and I'll finally (maybe) get organized!

There weren't too many other surprises, but I sense a fresh start. It doesn't mean that I'm not looking to leave, but it sure makes it easier to want to at least feel good about a new school year starting.

So that's my optimistic view for today. It doesn't come around often!

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Ironically I was at the beach during Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

Yes, I survived. And I learned that sharks are just curious and confused. They're misunderstood, and don't really mean to take a huge chunk out of a surfer's calf.

Well, we are in their territory, aren't we? Still, I love the water, I love the sand, I love the beach. And while the strangest thing I've come up against is a sting ray, I hope to never ever meet a shark.