Monday, February 18, 2008


Voted in a primary
Earned a new nickname from my students: OG-Fitz (that's right I am totally straight up gangsta now)
Saw Jazz in KCMO
Dress and pants-- not a bad look!
Bought a conditioner to enhance the red in my hair!
Watched Blade Runner
Watched Last King Of Scotland
Went to a Euro-Indian Fusion restaurant in DC called "New Heights"-- so good
Celebrated heart-day! (well, obviously it wasn't the first time, but it was a good one)
Went up to the top of the Washington Monument (pictures coming soon)
Took my students (that's right MY students) to the National Portrait Gallery to see the new show about hiphop culture (EXCELLENT)
Bought a new matress (seriously, I needed one, my old bed was from 7th joke)
Ballet flats-- uber comfortable
Have officially been living in the same apartment for over a year---kind of a first

It's been a while since I've up-dated. And a lot has gone on. But I just thought I would point out some of the highlights. Time goes so fast, and I really need to just get back into the swing of things. I can't believe that it's the middle of February.

Some of the more important firsts is that I'm trying to put together an exhibition of my students' work in a local restaurant. Hopefully by the end of March everything will be figured out. I'm also going to try to put in print an anthology of student artwork and poetry. Even if this year it is only for them, hopefully it will be a starting point for bigger things.... Like a book, perhaps??? So this means grants... I've never written grants before, so that's a first. There's an interesting website out there, called "Donor's Choose". I'm going to start there, and then see where else money can come from. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Plus trying to complete my own paintings, and trying to figure out what my goals are as an artist.

But things are good. I can't complain at all! What I really could use is some more sun, and some of these 74 degree days! Of course, tomorrow it's supposed to be back to the chilly, windy weather. -sniff-

Oh well, pictures coming soon.....

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Tuesday that was...

It was Super Tuesday and Mardi gras all in one day. How exciting! And what's more exciting is that next week I get to vote in a primary and for once it may actually count for something since it's close between Clinton and Obama. Usually by this time in most primary elections, it has been decided. Not this time (of course you probably know that I'm referring to the democratic primary....obviously). We even have a primary name... The Chesapeake Region Primary. I feel so very special. Now I just have to figure out where exactly it is that I vote. There seems to be a problem finding that out. I'm pretty sure I have to go where I did when I lived before, because that's the address I used when I registered.

For some reason I'm really into the election. I am ready for some shakeup. Enough is enough. I am worried that we'll have an upset, and in that case, I will probably be depressed for a very long for 4 years.

So I'm voting for Obama...and you should too!

Headed for KC...the bitterly cold midwest to see my friends who misplaced themselves there. J is coming with me, and we're going to have some good times. Jazz, probably a casino in the mix, and a flights of wine and cheese at the wine bar. Let the good times roll!!! I can't wait for a little change, even though it is MO.

Monday, February 04, 2008

I will go..several times

This look so awesome. I'm even going to try to get the upstairs unit to go, since they can leave! So excited for this!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

They got me! (don't worry no spoilers)

I can't help it. I watch "Lost" . And they didn't answer questions that have been plaguing my mind for months and months. They just keep giving me new ones to think about. I realize this is a tv show, but the fact that they are dragging this out for 3 more seasons at the rate of 8 episodes this season (8 will be missing this season because of the stupid writer's strike), then supposedly will "end" in two more seasons at 16 episodes a piece.

I don't think I have hope for the show. Especially since I've seen "Cloverfield". You know the movie that the "Lost" people made. At first I thought maybe they were trying to get other story lines out of their system... But the movie didn't have an ending. Which scares me. IF there is no end or final "wrapping it all up" kind of ending then I may very well travel to LA and kill the creators of the show.

I wasn't totally impressed by the first show of season four. I won't go into it, because I know some people who read this may not have seen it. I'll just say this----it's never going to end. EVER!

Ok, we'll, I'm sure I'll have something to say about it next week, so for that I bid you all adieu. Have a wonderful Friday! Mine will be full of cold rain. Ugh. If only it had been snow, I'd still be in bed. All cozy and warm.......