Thursday, December 20, 2007

One more day!

One more day of school and it's off for just over a week. Now, a week may sound a lot to some people, however, I am going to complain a bit. I'm tired, I need a break, we've had such a revolving door at work it's making my head spin. It's not that I don't like my job. I love it! In fact last year at this time I was so frustrated that I liked what I did, but couldn't bare the commute or the horrible administrator that took the joy out of everything. What a difference a year makes in all ways! So, not that I'm doing too much over break. I just plan on relaxing and reading, going to movies, visiting friends and family, and did I mention relaxing?

And... it's the cookie bake off. I'm really trying to get into the swing of things. Since I'll be going all over the place for the holidays, the least I can do is bring some tasty treats.

Argh, the only wrench in this whole relaxing plan is the pain in my arm. Some may remember that I attempted to play some softball over in Cairo... Well, I literally threw my arm out. And I'm paying for it now. Every time I move my arm to reach something, or brush my hair, or turn on my side when I'm trying to sleep, I hear creaking and cracking sounds... Like bone on bone. So lucky me, after the holidays I'll have to go have it looked at (again). It hasn't sounded this bad or felt this bad ever. And it's lasted for over 2 weeks. Ugh... It really feels agitated when I paint. I think I need to officially become ambidextrous. I only say it that way because I really did write with both hands long long ago... I know, just another factoid to show how strange I am.

Anyway, Happy Holidays to all!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Christmas Time in the City...

This weekend was a fun one. Friday was chilly, and a little wet, but "J" and I headed into DC and went to "Olives", a really nice Italian restaurant downtown. It was good too. I had butternut squash tortellini with a delicious sage and brown butter sauce, with a nice feta salad. Then for desert we split a "fallen" chocolate cake.... Also had some really nice wine. So yummy, and my belly was full.
Saturday was non-stop craziness! Full of driving, parking, and crazy shopping all around downtown. I think I went all over the place in DC. I managed to find a few things, but "J" was the one on the prowl for presents. We had a hard time finding a parking spot, so we gave up and went into a parking garage, can you say ripped off? I hate parking in those things. He found some good presents for some of his friends and families. It's then that I realized I wasn't done shopping for everyone yet... so I have some work to do this week. Ugh. My dad is the toughest. And I realized I don't have he benefit of living anywhere exotic this year, so I really need to think. Last year I waited and and waited and came up with something lame for him. So I need to try really hard. And my sisters!! Don't even get me started... Honestly, they should just get coal.... hummm... now that's an idea.

Saturday night I invited R and E over to help decorate the tree. I'm so happy that I finally have my own tree. I unpacked all of my treasured ornaments. I had forgotten my mom had given me some of the pretty German ones we acquired while we were living there. It's starting to look pretty. It needs some tinsel though... Yes I come from a tinsel happy family. We very carefully put each strand on the tree as if to simulate the dripping of water falling down the tree's branches. It's almost like practicing some from of zen.
But here are some pics anyway.... in reverse order........

Me and J

E and Me (husband of R --below, we're growing beards for Santa..hohoho)

R and me

Chimney sweep and Santa Claus

I like this picture. We're all in it, and we're all focused on doing something different.

The bare tree! I'm naked!!!
Until next time.... Keep warm.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Wow, snow! Now, I know some of the people a little north of me got dumped on. But I have to say it was a little serene to watch the snow fall from inside the D-home. Most of the kids were super-chill today. All making for a cozy, warm feeling that echoed through the halls..... just kidding!

The kids did enjoy seeing the snow, however, it brought about constant disruption and what if's all day long. Except from the girls. They actually were super-chill, and are loving every second of my class.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I love that class. There's 12 of them, which actually is a lot for the girls unit, but they love ART! YES! Finally! Some girls come in here so hard and so tough, they just keep up the attitude and appearance of being a "hater" , but really, once they're here, they warm up, they melt the ice away. If only they could feel so comfortable with themselves outside the d-home.. -sniff-

In other news. My upstairs students finally finished their sports drawings for the PE room. It was a long time coming, and they look AWESOME! They came out great. Unfortunately we can't hang them in a normal fashion, so I had to laminate them. NO glass allowed anywhere.


In the mean time, I'm working really hard on a painting right now, but it's disastrous, I may just do it all over. So frustrated by everything about it. Color, composition...... SO I plan on working on it the rest of this week and next week. But then, I'm done. I think it's been in front of me too long.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Hurry! The holidays are coming!

All you need is the letter "A" to make it into "Hurray". Coincidence, I think not. But I think I'll stick with hurry. I managed to put up some lights already! Wow, how very unlike me. It must be this blustery weather we're having. This next weekend we're even venturing out and attempting to find a tree that may fit in my tiny apartment. I'm hoping for something kind of thin and tall.

I'm not lucky enough to live in Egypt anymore, so that means I can't have new clothes tailored to fit me. Too bad I only realized it was possible towards the end of my stay in Cairo to take advantage of such a thing. But, I digress. So, in light of a formal event I have to attend in a week and 1/2 I decided to order a dress ( only tried on like 30 of them at the mall). It's nice, probably the most expensive piece of clothing I own, and hopefully I won't just wear it once, and.... hopefully it will work for this thing I gotta go to. Not that it's a bad thing to go to a birthday party, but a formal birthday party? When I'm 70 I hope people treat me that well.

I can't believe that winter is upon us. Luckily we've escaped the snow, thus far, but the wind is heinous. The wind rattles my windows and has sent all the remaining leaves off the trees. Just makes me want to crawl into a little hole, read a book, and enjoy some nice warm cider. Mmmmmmm...cider.

In just a few weeks I can re-watch "Lost: Season 3". I think it will be mailed to me before the new year! Holy crap? A new year? I don't even really want to think about that just yet. I'm not ready. One step at a time.