Sunday, March 29, 2009


Go UCONN. Not sure if they can pull through, but I hope so, they're in my brackets to take it all. I had PITT going so far, I wish they could have made the final 4. That would have been sweet. What an awesome game though.

Even if you don't follow college basketball, which I don't really anymore, so many of the games have been nail-biters. I could hardly stand watching, because it was so tense! A lot of the games were won by one or two points!


So GO HUSKIES!!! One more week until we find out who's game reigns supreme!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Concerts galore

We just got tickets to the Shins! Yay, one of my most favorites! Add it to the list. I guess I should stop buying concert tickets now, but there are so many good ones to choose from in the next few months... It's hard to not want to go.

But, we're up to 4 concerts, and when you tack on those stupid fees they like to charge it adds up. It's all well worth it. Good venues, for sure we'll get to actually SEE who we're listening to. It will be great.

First up Death Cab for Cutie w/ Cold War Kids and Ra Ra Riot!! A week and 1/2 to go! (I'm hoping for special guests-- but I doubt that will happen....maybe Jenny Lewis could pop by? Or Mr. Birght Eyes himself...Connor Oberst....??? hummmm???) We'll see what happens.

All this means that spring time and good weather gets closer and closer everyday. It sure is taking it's sweet time getting there, though. I can't wait for my tulips to finally bloom, and to get the veggie garden started!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Certainly has been a while...

I'm behind in everything lately. It doesn't matter. I think that's the fact of waiting for Spring Break to come around. At work I'm trying to tie up a lot of loose ends, hang artwork, take pictures, make signs, trying to figure out what I'm going to teach for the rest of the year... It's a lot. But I do have pictures to post of that art show my kids had last week.

It was a really good way for the community to see my students' work. I got some good feedback, and a lot of people hadn't expected anything like what they saw. There were some really good examples of portraits, design projects, and black and white drawings. I think a lot of people tend to still look at art as crafty... not fine. And there is a place for everything. I think when people hear where I work, they automatically lower their expectations of my students. Which sucks, but it's also my job to keep the expectations high!

It's hard. My lessons are so varied, depending on who's in my class at the time. A lot of times students come to me from no art background at all.... (I think I had art in 3rd grade). So it's a mixed bag. I love it when a project just takes off, though. It's so rewarding. And rare.... Right now, one of my classes is really enjoying the color and design projects I'm throwing at them. But that will get changed soon.

Next we're working on observational drawing, with using tone and shading. I'm trying to prepare them for painting. We've been asked to create an art piece for outside near and around the green house they just put on our facility. It's great, gives them a chance to make some art that will be up for an extended period of time. It won't be easy to assemble, but the plan is to paint flowers, herbs, veggies, and other things that will be growing in the green house.

We'll see. I hope it works.

I'm also incredibly behind on making any new artwork for myself. It seems to be a constant problem that I can't figure out how to tackle. I miss not creating art, I need to make it a habit. Stop talking about it, or wishing it would just happen and just DO IT! Argh!!

In other news, I'm going to try to be growing a vegetable garden in our yard. We cleared an area where there's lots of light, some shade an easy access to the hose (not hard, our yard is not big). I'm hoping that throughout the summer we'll get tomatoes, peppers, chile, sunflowers, marigolds, lettuce, squash, and basil! I've also planted my two herb plants from last year-- rosemary and thyme. I hope they can thrive.

Nothing is planted yet, and I'm trying to start with seeds... We'll see what happens. I hear it can be difficult, but I'm checking on them everyday to make sure they stay moist. Hopefully in about 10 days I'll have little plants, and hopefully in another 10 days it will be warm enough to plant them!

Wow, so that's an update.

We managed to book a hotel in Venice! So excited that our Italy trip is happening...... it may be the last one for a while considering all the financial issues. International School teaching is calling my name again....

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Good times 2....or even three!

My students art will be showcased in a community celebration in Alexandria! I'm so excited. Through some frequent communication with other staff members where I work, and really displaying how much I really want my students artwork to be shown on the outside-- it's finally all coming together!

It's going to be a lot of work to get everything together, I only have 2 weeks,'s only for one night. So that means put up, take down in one night. But it's all for the sake of art, and my students, and finally allowing their work to carry as much weight as their peers.

I've never known if it was the lack on interest, lack of communication, or just laziness between the community members that this has never happened. But I hope to get more out there, and drum up interest for other outlets, shows, and maybe even an anthology of their work..

Anyone got any ideas on making an anthology???

OK-- so that's really good news and here's one more--

We just got tickets for The Decemberists! They canceled their tour last round-- and I was soooo disappointed. What makes it even better is that Andrew Bird is touring with them!! I can't wait to get some whistling action from Mr. Bird!!

So that really is triple good!!

I really needed that.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Couldn't resist posting....

Did I mention that it's so NICE to have my dog with me again. She's so cute, I just want to squeeze her all the time... All 10 pounds of her!

Snowy day

Wow, I was so excited to wake up to a winter wonderland this morning. It was crisp clean and just really beautiful. No school today either, which was really nice. Although, we'll be making it up. But nothing beats waking up a little later, feeling a little cozy, and spending that extra time with your main-squeeze.

J and I woke up to a winter morning, actually had some breakfast together, and did a few things around the house. I know, not exactly too romantic, but when you finally find extra time to put up a toilet paper holder, or mop the floor, or cook a nice minestrone soup... it's really nice.

Here are a few pics.. Including Lhotse...

The snow today-- about 4-5 inches. Just beautiful with the sunshine. But really chilly.

Lhotse sniffing around on the deck. It was a love-hate relationship for her.

Oh no! The buds on the trees, I hope they thaw out.

Last night, I tried really hard to capture the snow falling, it was just beautiful, and really peaceful. Who knows, might I be inspired for my artwork??