Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back at it!

What a wonderful idea- move the easel upstairs to where the light is, maybe you'll paint more! Yes, it happened. Out of the basement and into the tiny second bedroom that is also a closet, computer room and now my studio. I spent all day Tuesday organizing and moving all the stuff up and down the stairs in the house. But what a pay off. There's tons of light that flows into that little room, and just enough space to hold all my supplies, and lets me spread out if I need to.

I finally finished a collage that will be the basis of a painting. It's been unfinished for 2 whole years (it's also 2 by 4 feet). Amazing. I also finally started applying pieces to a smaller canvas that has been staring at me for a year or so as well. Maybe by the end of the year I'll have enough pieces for a show.

It's so nice to have a space where there is enough light, and I can actually leave things out with no worries about cleaning it up or anything. Finally!

So this could be a really good start to 2010, now, if I can get back on track with the running.... hummm.....

Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow days!

How nice for the City of Alexandria to give me two extra days off after my wedding. Just kidding, we did end up getting a lot of snow, which NOVA cannot handle. Many parts of our neighborhood haven't even been plowed. Major roads are really drivable, but the neighborhoods need a little more thawing out.

While it's nice to have these additional days off next to our holiday, we will have to make them up. Which begs the question-- why didn't they just give these two days to us in the first place when they were planning the school year? Oh well, I'll take them. I think this only means we lose a few built in teacher days, big deal.

So being snowbound has been a lot of fun. Got a lot of relaxing done. And hanging out with the new husband isn't so bad either. We made it out and about yesterday, we went and got a glass of wine with a friend who wanted to congratulate us. She was stuck over in apartment-- so she definitely wanted to get out.

Today is full of baking. I made shortbread, and I'm about to make some chocolate cookies... YUM! We have a lot of driving this holiday to do, and when we go from place to place I plan on bringing cookies.

What a great way to start the winter break!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wedding dinner!

Blizzard 2009- Inside looking out

Yes it's true

I got married yesterday, and the blizzard of 2009 started the same night! Nice day for a white wedding. Pictures to follow soon. My parents have the pictures of the nuptials, and I have pics of the blizzard.

Maybe I'll get an early Christmas present and not have to go to school on Monday and Tuesday!! I seriously doubt that the DC metro can handle all of this snow!! We'll see if we can all dig out by Monday-- I seriously doubt it, since the holidays are on every one's mind. Too bad we only have 3 snow days built in to our school calendar. It's only December, and this part of the world is known for getting hammered in March!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Oh, by the way, I hope that if you were someone who was traveling back to the US this past weekend that you had safe travels!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas tree


It's been a whirlwind of school year. And who knows? Things might be up for a change again. With the economy the way it is, no one knows what will happen next. I thought J and I had recession proof jobs. Turns out, I at least do. J was reduced to half time at his non-profit job. He's busily searching for something as quick as possible, and so, times are interesting.

We're doing fine, we will just be living tight for a while. He is looking for jobs all over the world, which excites me to no end. I would love to pick up and move to some exotic locale, and would be totally up for it. We may put our hat in the ring of International teaching. We're still tossing the idea around. He would do it if there was no other choice. He doesn't see himself as a high school teacher.

But he does see him self as a college professor. Which I see. So he's made a huge decision to apply to a University in New Zealand. It might be a shot in the dark, but he knows the head of the department there and has some "ins" so it's a very big possibility that this could happen!

I'm trying to remain calm about it, but I am hoping that this could be a move we could make. I am currently imagining what I would do there, how I could get a teaching job? Or if I could focus on something else? I think about the nature and beauty. Ahhh!

But for now, I'm here. I really love the one school I'm at most of the week. And if we do stay here because he got an amazing job change state side, I'd be fine with that. We have our house, we have our life. It's all good.

So the times they are a changing, but almost always for the better, at least in my opinion.

9 more days of school, Christmas time approaching fast, but the tree us up!!!