Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sorry, that's bad for you too

Yep, finally a study that shows that soda of any kind is bad for you. Well, what did you expect? I had a principal once who wouldn't even drink water. She would get a huge soda and drink it through the day. Yeah, very healthy. I think the study has only come out because they're trying to remind everyone that soda should be considered like a treat. Not a beverage to substitute for water or milk, or good juices. Personally, I don't usually drink soda. I have been taught that it is a treat. And rarely do I have the real thing.... except who could resist an nice iced-cold coke from a bottle............? Yum!

Now only if I could break the coffee habit. Although, it has so many benefits, I'm will to risk it.

If only work was so bad for you that you could go to it either. I have a week and 1/2 left. So not looking forward to it! I'm just going to have make specific plans to break up the year. I already have some intentions for August, September, and October. Then there's Thanksgiving, And then Christmas! So Fall is the easy part. The winter/spring semester is always harder, and that's where the sick days will come in. That will be a long 6 months. But hopefully by February or March I'll know where I'll be going for the next school year.

Anyway, I must enjoy my last few days of summer, next week I'm at the beach, so that's going to be excellent. I'm glad I got it in... but just under the wire.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

These things I know

No 1. I make a pretty darn good stir fry, full of delicious items.
No. 2. The Police didn't play "Canary in a Coalmine". Which is a great one, that they could have jammed on, and contains all sorts of environmental lyrics. I would have also liked "Murder by numbers"... .and of course "Tea in the Sahara". Actually I was expecting that one.
No. 3. They could have also handled "Ms. Gradenko". Maybe that's too 80's. (But the 80's are back!)
No. 4. 2 more weeks of freedom, and it's depressing.

Oh- they should have done "Man in a suitcase"!

Why must I be!!!!!! (it's really a fitting song for me)'s dodododo dadadada. Not dodododo dodododo

Yes, it was that time. Time for "The Police". It was a good concert, but as a whole it ranks kinda low. It wasn't that they were horrible. NOT AT ALL! They were very good. It's great that they have been touring. They played a long set and an encore, but a lot of their songs were at half speed. Some of the songs became way too "Sting-a-fied".

We were late. We missed the horrible first band (my sister heard them). It was Sting's son's band. Which brings me to my next point. Is that why they're on tour? To promote Sumner-the-younger's band? Hummm... Me thinketh it is so.

Be that as it may. I saw them. They played a lot of popular songs, and some of them less well known, but I knew them all. Some of their screen displays were a bit cheesy (like the one for "walking in your footsteps" which showed skeletal dinosaurs walking on their faces on the screens... in sepia.....CHEESE!) They did have some screen art that featured their old album covers with the primary colors and the digital portrait of the band. They were expected.

I have to say that "Driven to Tears" was really good, and I was looking forward to ," So lonely". Of course there was "Roxanne". Then like always, in Sting concerts he usually closes with "Every Breath You Take", and so did the Police. It was good too. Then they came back with an encore, and right now I forget what they did. All in all, I'm glad I went. It's more like a rite of passage. I needed to go. The stage looked tiny, and the band looked like the size of my thumb, but I'm glad I went. Musically they were great, but I can't help but wonder if they weren't really that excited to be in Hershey. I mean, I felt like even the crowd was extremely low key, and low energy... I mean the band is in their 50's, and the crowd was in that range too.

Anywho, I can check that off my list. Now who's next??

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sorry, you'll have to wait

Ok- all -of- you- people -who -wouldn't -watch- the- third -season -of- Lost -because- you- wanted- to -watch -in- a -couple -of -nights- during -the -summer... You'll have to wait. I just pre-ordered it. It's out on December 11!! HAHAHAHAHA! Of course you could probably still watch it on-line if you're feeling desperate. What a show, though.

You know, a delay in the release of the dvd's means a delay in the beginning of season 4. As you may have heard in this very blog, they're not coming out with season 4 until late january or February!!!

Ahh-- anyway.. the world goes around.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Good Catch

Let me preface this by saying that I really do like playing catch. However, I don't like trying to catch wine. Which was what I had to do a lot of today, for some reason. Bottles flying off the shelves, and falling out of boxes, and almost landing on the ground. But my handy dandy elbows, fingers, and knees worked really well to catch every single one of them. I guess the only wine coming out of my paycheck this week will only be the ones I buy!

Unfortunately it was a long long day at work. I'm happy to be home, but I'll be doing it all again tomorrow.

Interesting week, it was my first one off since real work ended, and I'm already feeling better about being away from the school. I'm trying not to think about it, since I have such a short time off.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I need a sous chef

I love to cook, however, I think I washed all the items in my kitchen at least 5 times. So maybe I don't need a sous chef, just a huge kitchen that comes with dishwashers. And lots of chopping machines. Everything I made today required the use of my handy little food processor. I loved it! I just wish I had 5!

I wanted to make a good meal for tomorrow. I think the food will be great. And I also made my own mix for margaritas... YUM! I guess I'm from the type of school that thinks," If you're going to cook... then you better cook!" And I do, I just haven't cooked for friends in a while. So I hope everything comes out well. I've prepared a lot tonight. If no one comes, well, then I guess the next day I'm driving up to my parents house and they can eat it.

So, it's been a while since I've written, and I've been busy. I guess I'm still digesting the stuff I did last week. I helped a friend plan an experiential ed program for her school. I'm jealous that she gets to use it. It will be her own program. I'm really proud of her for that. I just wish I could be in a school situation that I could actually use the things that we worked on. I guess some of it will transfer over to my interesting population. We'll see. It opened my eyes to actually how different and still sheltered her area of the world is from big city problems. She's dealing with problems in her school that happen before they get too big. Which is excellent. She's creating a school climate the fosters individuality but examines decision-making. If only all schools would allow their teachers that kind of freedom to create something bold and exciting.

That's not going to happen at my school. Even though, my students are the ones that need it the most. Granted, some of them are so far gone by 16, nothing will bring them around. They have no support, and there's not many places the kids can go to get the chance to change. It's sad, really.

At least now I can probably focus more on the task at hand next year, which is provide a quality and thoughtful art program that helps students to examine their own individuality and expressiveness through the arts. I mean that's my goal anywhere, but I really have to try to make it happen there next year. And I know for sure that I won't have "Sybil" breathing down my neck preventing me from doing good work.....and I won't be living with a crazy woman with her adopted child, and I won't be commuting 4 hours a day or sleeping on some one's floor.

Yes, it will be different. It already is. It's July 3rd. I have exactly a month to keep the good vibes going!