Sunday, October 28, 2007


So, here I am in KCMO, for another trip. I know, hold me back....right? But I do like to see my friends who live here. I must be a good friend, you're thinking.

Well, yes.

But they are good friends too. We do all sorts of fun things together. Like go to scary movies, watch scary movies, and go to haunted houses, drive to scary yards. It's all good.

Last night we went to a haunted house called "The BEAST". We got lost in werewolf forest, which was fun and scary at first, but then just more annoying because we couldn't find the way out. The whole house was pretty amazing. It's built in an abandoned warehouse downtown. I don't know how many floors it was, but there were a couple of really long slides we had to go down. Of course, to make the slides even more slippery they put talcum powder all over the slide and we had white stuff all over our clothes. It came off, but at first, it was everywhere, and mean everywhere. Like I probably swallowed the stuff.

The theme was a New Orleans House. But there were several themes. Like the forest, a torture room, some crazy laser light places, a medieval maze, skeleton-attacking area, hillbilly chain saw room, coffin room, people under the stairs, giant scary alien BEAST! And of course the random people coming out of nowhere telling us to give them our spleen...or gallbladder, can I at least have your gallbladder?

It was a fun time. And after that we made our way to a couple of bars. We went to a really nice, swanky gay bar for a martini and a pizza full of basil. Then headed over to a cabaret bar (do you see a theme?) where there was a performance of Broadway rock tunes! (yeah, well, I couldn't believe I was watching that either...but it was priceless) We saw some good costumes, especially the gal who had pigs blood all over her.....CARRIE! She looked awesome.

It's so funny to see adults waking around in costumes. We saw a bunch of people standing at a bus stop waiting to go somewhere festive. People coming in and out of restaurants.. What a great time of year, really. You get to be spooky, decorate your house with fake blood, carve pumpkins. Nice.

Anyway, it's a great trip so far. I leave on Tuesday -sniff-.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Deborah Kerr died. Not only was she a red-head, star of the King and I, and An Affair to Remember...we shared the same birthday.

Bob Seger comes to mind

Take Down, Shake Down, you're busted.

So, 3, count 'em 3 students got taken down today. And by that I mean heavily restrained by 2-3 adults (big adults). Not a pretty picture, and one of them happened in my classroom. It all happened kinda fast. Before I knew it, a chair broke and a couple of d-specialists had the kid in a couple of restraint positions. The kid kirked out! (freaked out) He actually went down in the hallway and 3 d-specialists took him back to his room--- 72 hours isolation-- at least, and then who knows what? Added time to his sentence.

No sooner did that happen, then a girl kirked out. This time, math class. And another -- PE. And actually another yep, I forgot about the 4th one--- this time, during lunch!

Things IS crazy! I'm fine though, I had to maintain my composure, and I did. I knew the kids wouldn't direct anything at me. If there is one thing I'd have to say about my class it would be that it is a pretty calm place....well, usually. The kids were pretty shocked about how it all escalated, but they were good. Except for the one kid who eventually freaked out at lunch. He was in my class at the time of the incident, and I guess he decided he wanted some attention too...he's like that.

Looking forward to tomorrow. I can't wait to get away from it all.......... Calgon, take me away.

I made a chocolate tart, and that's coming along with me. Can't wait to dig in!

C-ville here I come!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I knew there was another...

AND----------- "Pushing Daisies" is on tonight!! YES!!!!!

Some things..yet again

First, I miss my hair. That's right folks, I made the mistake of going to a place to get my hair trimmed. And what did she do? She chopped it! Don't get me wrong, I still have some length, but then she jacked it all up with some strange layers.... So, no more haircuts for another 6 months. Either it looks bad, or people didn't really notice, because no one except for one kid said something about my hair today. However, it is noticeably shorter.

Pictures to come soon.

Second. It's funny that I pass the place where police officers practice riding their motorcycles. They have to set up all these orange cones, and then weave in and out of them. Then they ride around in formation. hehehehe...

Third: "T" sent me this. It's pretty funny, and some of the comments are hilarious too.

Fourth: Bring forth the Friday! I can't wait to escape out of town!

Monday, October 15, 2007

A few things

I had planned to write about a lot of things last week, but it just slipped out of my mind. So I guess I'll just write about something I thought was really strange at work today.

I had to keep an ear out for phone calls today because no one was in the office today. I'm sitting in the secretary's chair and I'm looking at all the crap on the desk. It's decorated in purple. PURPLE everywhere! Pictures of her kids (or I guess they are her kids). Random things on the calendar. Then I start looking at posters on the wall. You know the kind "Teamwork" , "Responsibility" and all that. So I look at the teamwork one. It's of the "Great Wall of China" and in big letters it says "TEAMWORK: Many hands, many minds, one goal."

WTF, I say. The great wall? Teamwork? Ok, how many people were forced into slave labor? I could go on, but I think you know what I'm getting at here. Is that really the best picture to use? OH MAN! Never mind that it was a wall to keep people out!

I really need to start of thinking about the direction this blog is going to take. Since I'm not doing as much traveling, or exploring, I might just make it into something else. Daily ramblings are too boring, and I really don't want to share everything with the internet..i.e. THE WORLD!

I don't know.

Charlottesville this weekend! Excited for it. It will be nice to get out of town with "J", so looking forward to seeing some fall leaves, seeing some place different. I haven't been to C-ville since 7th grade, and I only visited UVA and the Monticello...both awesome, but I'm looking forward to seeing it with my own personal tour guide..... :-)

Then the next week I'm off to KC! To go into a haunted house or two, oh yeah, and also to see "A" and "T". Maybe I'll be able to post some pictures or something!! Maybe we'll actually take some pictures or something!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Someone's gettin' schooled

Children's Story -Slick Rick
Mary Mary -Run-DMC
It Takes Two -Rob Base & DJ E-Z
I Left My Wallet in El Segundo -A Tribe Called Quest
Flava In Ya Ear (Greatest Hits Version) -Craig Mack, Rampage & The Notorious B.I.G.
The Rain -Missy Elliott
Breathe and Stop -Q-Tip
Ready Or Not - Fugees (Refugee Camp)
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See -Busta Rhymes
So Fresh, So Clean -OutKast
You Got Me -The Roots & Erykah Badu
Sang F├ęzi - Wyclef Jean
Cut Chemist Suite - Ozomatli
Doo Wop (That Thing) -Lauryn Hill
The Seed (2.0) -The Roots & Cody Chestnutt
Kick, Push -Lupe Fiasco
Geto Heaven, Pt. 2 (Remix T.S.O.I.) -Common, D'Angelo & Macy Gray
In the Ghetto -Elvis Presley

Ok, I admit, I watched Vh-1 Hiphop Honors. It inspired me to make my own mix. So I did. It's the first one. I want to include more, but it's one CD, 18 songs fit. Can't find Skee Lo (I wish). Or else that would have made the cut. Otherwise, this stuff flows. Can you feel it???

Monday, October 08, 2007

Change the weather please

I thought maybe by this time of year the 90 degree weather would be gone. I thought that I could change my tank tops in for sweaters. I thought that I'd be wearing shoes not sandals. Well people, it's global warming. It's not even an "Indian summer". You know why? Because we haven't had a first frost yet. They say by Wednesday or Thursday a change is going to be coming in. So maybe I should be relishing these last few summer-like days. You know, I think I should. I know that by February I will be pining for this summer heat.

This weekend was nice..busy too. Went to the Hirshhorn at night. It was nice. Tons of people there. We were able to walk through the museum. Even saw a video piece that was like this massive domino effect installation. It was crazy.l I think it went on for at least 1/2 hour. The artists used candles, foaming stuff, liquids, air, physics.... It was so funny to watch. We saw some art too, listened to a band, and heard a DJ spin some really bad 80's music (on purpose). It would have been nice to have a crowd there. So next month if they have one, I might encourage a group outing. They even had lovely beverages to purchase.....only, you had to stand in massive lines. But that's what people watching is for.

Also saw "Eastern Promises" . It was good. Kind of like "History of Violence", except I liked "History of Violence " better.

Couple more weeks until KC.

Then a couple more until the Decemberists..

And then a few more until Thanksgiving break.....

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ok, I found 1

"Pushing Daisies"'s a cute show. I will watch it until it ends...which will probably be after the first 6 episodes.

It's a new show about a guy who can bring things back to life. He has to touch them. Which means if he touches them again, they die. If he doesn't touch them within one minute, another person in the vicinity will die in exchange for the life that was reclaimed. Although, if he touches them again.. or they touch him, they will die...again.

So the premise. He brings to life his childhood sweetheart, only to know that they can never touch. --I know, tears. It's a quirky dramedy. Oh-- and the main character makes pies.

Anyway, not really watching Survivor....I watch about 1/2 of it and then switch channels, sorry "G".

Oh--- Hair is getting on my nerves, and darn long too. The special ed teacher pointed out to me that I still have well over 400 more days to go. Fight the power!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Many things

My throat hurts, I hate allergies.

It needs to rain. The leaves are just just drying up and falling this year. No beautiful colors because we've had no rain. Not that the rain we may get will make a difference in those leaves, but the drought could end.

SO, this should make you laugh...I'm walking down the street from Old Town, I had to pass the workers who are working on the road.. And peep this.. I heard," That hair joint is like pow." I nearly lost it laughing. What did it mean? "I really like your headband." Yep, good thing I can understand the colloquial language around here. Too bad that everything that is an object is referred to as a "joint", but whatever...

Who the heck is sending me "Prevention Magazine"? I'm not old!

The weather around here is gorgeous, but I'm waiting for the smack down...While every bit of me is hoping for a mild winter, I am fearing the worst.

No new tv shows are impressing me at all. Maybe that's a good thing. I won't watch and I can cancel my cable and save $50 a month.

Must start running again....I've been a serious slacker.

An updated version of my exact apartment is for sale on Washington street. Only a mere $300,000...that just makes me sick thinking about it.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend Spectacular

Whoa, time to recover from the weekend. Who would have thought? It all started Thursday. My sister and I ventured once again to the 9:30 club to catch Rilo Kiley. And it was well worth it. Front and center again we watched Jenny Lewis strut her stuff alongside of her amazing band mates. The opening bands weren't bad either. Art in Manila (part of Azure Ray) and Grand Ol' Party.. And we even got a bonus sighting of Winona Ryder! She must be following the band around...who knows.

Then Friday my parents came down and we had a family dinner of sorts. It was nice, and good to see them.... they drove back up to Gettysburg with "P" in tow. I guess I won't see them for a while since they're off to the beach (I'm slightly jealous).

Saturday was great. I caught up on a little sleep deprivation, and took it easy all morning, and made myself pancakes. Walked through Alexandria. Then I came back and prepared to get a little geared up for a little birthday celebration. "K&S" and "J" met up with me at home and then we all ventured out together to the Majestic Lounge to meet everyone else. It was the first time I had friends together from all different areas of my life. And the first time for them meeting "J". Everything was really good. The Majestic Lounge has changed a bit, no more brie (aw shucks) and the waitstaff forgot a bunch of orders. But music was good, until we moved upstairs-- yes less crowded, but music very very bad.

Sunday was great. Spent the day with "J" and we even played a little aerobie. Walked around Alexandria, and then made dinner. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. The weather was excellent, and I wish it could stay like this forever. The colors are muted, we need rain, but the temperatures and the sun are feels a little like NM. Speaking of, Math teacher going to ABQ for the balloon fiesta is bringing me back some green chili items! SO EXCITED !

So bring on the work week, I'm ready for it, and it might seem like a break, because the last few weeks and weekends have been jam packed.