Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I was on my home from work and it flurried. What?? I'm not ready for this, please let me crawl back into my nice warm bed, with the covers secured tightly over my head.

Spa day is Friday! SO excited and maybe a little nervous at the same time. I've never had one before..... it was my birthday present from J this year and I finally get to use it! My best friend is coming with me too. Should be a great day, I'm hoping.

Ok, so hopefully work today will be semi-normal... we'll see.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not a normal day..week....ever

Everyone knows by now where I teach, and what I do. The conflict I deal with everyday is consistency. Not just with my own teaching practices, but the building, the environment, the kids, the transient nature of it all.

Well, today is no exception. We've not had a normal week since September. Almost every week there has been some kind of shortened day, or an assembly, or a training... At least once a week. Or, I've been out. Today we were actually just discussing how this week looks like it may be the first 5-day uninterrupted schedule since we can remember. No dice.

As you may have guessed, security comes first. And today, there just happened to be a breach. I'm not going to go into it on the blog, someone lost some keys.. Not teaching staff. They're important keys. If someone got a hold of them, they could walk right out of this facility. The search has begun.

So all the kids are locked down, we're stuck in our classrooms... which is fine. I got tons to do. The worst part about it, is that we don't know how long this will last. It's pretty important that they find these, or else, well, I don't know what else. They'll have to completely change all the locks and keypads.

I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm not going to be doing any teaching the rest of the day. Which really stinks. Today I was on a roll with the two classes I saw, and was really upbeat that my students would be making some strides in their perspective drawings. But I guess that's kind of on hold for now.

So much for a "normal" work week. And next week is Thanksgiving -- we only have 2 days of school next week.

I just wish things were a little different.

Monday, November 17, 2008

You Betcha!

I'm somewhere on it. Right now, it's the first page... could be second or third by tomorrow!!!

yes we did!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Front entrance for the hotel.

Everything is painted and decorated, and detailed.

Another view, more mountains, just take in the fresh crisp air.

Squirel or Bear. You decide. He's definitely wasn't just storing for winter.

The beautiful, majestic Broadmoor Hotel.

Black swans floating around in the Broadmoor Lake.

I'd stay there.

Me and Karin relaxing for a moment at the Garden of the Gods.

Colorado Round 3

Garden of the Gods! Truly beautiful!

Colorado Round 2

The Contemporary part of DAM - it's really an amazing piece of architecture.

They made this whole open plaza, complete with condos and lofts right across the way.

This takes up a significant amount of space. I didn't realize just how large the structure was.

Colorado Round 1

They have a preserved Tibetan Mandala on display. I wasn't quite sure how I felt about the first time I saw it years ago, but I feel like it's ok. It's supposed to represent impermanence.

Lots going on in the museum, installation of grey foxes, and this interesting, yet frightening view of skulls.

They have areas where you can walk outside, they're going to eventually be sculpture gardens.

Metal man!

The inside can really play with your perceptions of space.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Elevation is elevating

We're back from the west. Colorado was as I remembered it, except, Denver has this really awesome contemporary addition to their art museum. Last time I visited, they had plans drawn up, and I think there was even a little construction going on, and now it's this massive silver building that takes over the entire area. It's pretty great though. They have a lot of temporary exhibits, and a few permanent ones.

I was able to take pictures of some of the permanent exhibits, and I'll post them later.

We also ate some nice meals. Particularly, at this great Italian place down off of 16th street. The meal was very good. I had a pasta stuffed with squash in a butter sage sauce...yum. But I have to say the salad I had ordered for a starter was the best salad I ever had. I'm not sure if I could re-create it or not. A baby salad of pears, walnuts, goat cheese, drizzled with a balsamic and honey glaze. Oh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

The only problem with this high-end restaurant was their wine prices. They called themselves a wine bar too, which I guess gave them license to jack up their wine prices. It just seemed way out of price for all the glasses they were serving. Oh well, the meal made it all worth it.

The next couple of days we spent with my friend from high school... Karin. We drove down to see her and had a nice but way to short visit. There were beautiful vistas, and a visit to the majestic Broadmoor Hotel. I will try to explain to you just how beautiful it is.

The hotel was built in 1917. It's beautifully decorated, the grounds are amazing. The people are so friendly you wonder how someone can constantly smile like that all day long without going insane. Which makes me wonder.... if you work at this complex for too long, might you go insane (a la Jack Nicholson in "The Shining") ?

There's something about the Broadmoor that exudes elegance, charm, and the feeling that you might actually be a part of some aristocratic family.

So we sat in the bar, where we relaxed in beautiful leather chairs, sipping our beverages, letting the altitude have it's way with our consciousness. Soaked in the scenery of the mountains behind us, and had some delicious snacks...and possibly the best nuts you've ever tasted.

We watched the bear-like squirrels search for food, birds fly in and out, and swans (white and black) find their way around the little lake. Probably one of the most serene places I've ever been where there are so many people moving about. J and I walked around the lake took some pictures and went back in as soon as the chill got to us for a delicious hot chocolate.

We also went to the Garden of the Gods. A really interesting area that jets out into the foothills near the city of Colorado Springs. The red and yellow tones of the rock, the sharp shapes that drastically change from each angle. Just beautiful the way the light played of the rocks.... -sigh-

The elevation didn't play too much into our daily routine, I think we both suffered from a slight headache on the first day, but we tried to keep up our liquids (all kinds of liquids). I kind of long for the day that I can actually get into some real elevation. For some reason these high desert cities are places that I connect with. I really miss being out there, but I know that I couldn't live in those areas. I'm definitely an east coast girl and really love where I am at the moment, but I always long for it, I always want to be there, and when I am there -- it's almost like coming home.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted!

And Virginia must have it's act together, because it took be about 60 seconds. I didn't have to stand in any line, and I voted on a paper ballot. Easy as PIE! Unlike Floridians, who can't seem to get their act together.

I'm so excited for the change. I am actually tempted to get my hair chopped off this week, but I think I should really wait for the Inauguration Day. That is the official change of power. THANK GOD. And if all goes according to plan, it will be Obama.

Not that it matters if I vote for the president, because I don't hold the key. The stupid electoral college does.

Anyway, must go finish my grading, and lesson planning. In this district we have no school today, only a teacher work day. Which is great for us. But what about the rest of the country? Why don't we vote on the weekends? Or make it a national holiday? It's ridiculous.

Tonight I'm definitely watching the results. I hope we know by 9 pm!