Saturday, June 23, 2007


I don't have to set foot inside the D-home again until the new school year. For me, summer has begun. I feel a weight has been lifted.

Although the summer vacation really hasn't begun yet. I still have to do some teacher stuff (like revamping my art curriculum and sneaking in lessons about human needs and human rights), and of course there's always the wine job, which I can't seem to quit.

Oh well, looking forward to the first day (Monday) that I'll be able to realize that I don't have to walk into that place. (heavy sigh of relief)

Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm sorry

RIP Plant. I'm so sorry. I did everything I could except give you what you really needed. Light. But I have to keep my shades closed because it will be unbearably hot. If only it was fall and my windows were wide open, allowing you to get what you need. I'm so sorry.
Actually this plant must have some kind of root rot. Because I really did try everything, and it still died. All the other plants I have are making it just fine. I just feel bad. IT was a living thing, and now.....dead. It probably really needed more light.
Ok- peace out

If it's good enough for Mary Matalin...

So about a month ago I was jogging along the Potomac. And I passed this older gentleman, we exchanged smiles and nods (as most cordial runners do...although this man seemed more stern than most). As I passed him, I thought he looked really familiar. He looks like the guy who talks to Tim Russert. You know, James Carville. And then I thought, no couldn't be him, I bet they live in the city. So I I talked myself out of it.

Well, cut to Saturday, and guess who I served wine to at my tasting table? Mary Matalin, James Carville's Republican wife! HA! Who knew they were kind of like my neighbors. Well, at least in the hood. But I thought that was cool since I do see them on TV all the time, just like all the other talking heads on Meet the Press.

So if Balducci's is good enough for them, it's good enough for me! It might be the strange reason why I just can't quit. Today I had planned to go in there and give my two weeks notice, and I couldn't do it. I feel like I need to keep going and just work there until I eventually move. You know me and loyalty. It's so hard for me to quit things, even though they may not be the best for me at all.

Tomorrow I don't have to report to school work, so I guess I get a mini-break from the place. Which is good. I was thinking I may even drive to the beach. I don't know. It's only 3 hours from here. It might be worth it to just be some where for the day and read a book, eat some snacks, listen to some music. Yeah, we'll see. I won't set my alarm and I'll see how long it takes me to get get ready. I figure I'd be going against traffic, so it couldn't be that bad.

Humm-- now I'm really thinking... Is it worth the gas?? It might be.

So, right now, I'm enjoying a nice glass of Frascati wine with some frozen berries in my glass. It's a nice treat after a really hot day.

Hummmm....beach. Something I'm going to try and dream about as I fall asleep tonight.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Proof I might be crazy

So, I've been painting, but can't seem to find a true focus, and I feel like I'm kind of going backwards. I think that it's good that I'm at least doing something. However, I want to feel like I have a sense of direction. That might be a little telling too, since I feel like life doesn't have any particular direction either.

Oh well, here they are... a little bit of everything. Don't judge too harshly. And the first one isn't quite finished. That one is definitely proof that I'm a little crazy. Second one, I'm not sure is done. I may do more. Anywho..

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Last Day lacks luster!

At least it's over. I think that's all I can say about this school year. I will be done dealing with all of it in a few weeks. I'm sad to say that the kids didn't really care about the end of the year. And I know why. I mean would you care if you were in there? No.

I feel like even if the kids are in there, they need some kind of closing, and it really wasn't given to them. I tried by giving out awards to them individually (which seemed rather meaningless), and making chocolate chip cookies (never meaningless). But it was all for not. They're missing all these kinds of things from not being in school and the "outside". And meaningless or not, they need to understand certain things do matter, and are important. They completed something. For some kids it was a few months of school after not being in school for the same amount of time or more. For some kids it was completing a drawing. They need something to hold on to, so they at least know they can finish something.

This year was a huge test for me. I have second guessed everything I've ever done as a teacher and have wanted to really throw in the towel. But I learned it wasn't the kids that made me feel that way. It was the adults. I came in contact with all these ferocious adults who didn't care but craved their own kind of attention and power. For them it wasn't about helping the kids, it was about showing them who had the power to punish. Which really really tears at me. That's not at all what they need. They need compassionate people who are consistent and helping them see the choices that they could be making.

I like to think that I am that way, but I have to figure out a way to not give those looney adults the chance to show that kind of negative attention to the kids. One of those things could possibly be having my own classroom. A kid said to me today," This isn't your classroom." And I said," It is when I am in here." But that's how everyone seems to act. Since it is a unit, and where they hang out , that's how it's treated. However, I have to say, maybe I let it happen that way. But it's a year of adjustment. Now I know how the horrible adults are, and how the kids are. So next year should be better. (only one more though-- I'm planning an I keep saying)

So even though the day lacked luster, I'm just going to toast myself to a year well managed. I made it through the darkest hour......... And I thought Egypt was bad (and it was). Apparently I must have gained strength from living there.

So here's to another school year. It really can only improve. I'm going to go crack open a bottle of wine, appear to be working for the next 2 and 1/2 weeks, and be glad that I can at least have a month without the interference of strange people in my life.

Scary.. just heard thunder crack. I just hope that means it brings good rain. We need some relief. I'll take good fortune too.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Manic Monday!

Crazy. So much went on today I can't even remember it all at this point. And I'm still up busy doing things. What's up with that?

Well I had work, like usual. And then I headed to the wine place. Work was just the same, except one class completely horrible. Not the fault of the kids, they can't help who the adults are in the room. I swear, why is it that these men like to force the power through the sound of their voice? They have to get louder and louder just to show what? That they can be loud? That's what I think, that's what the kids think. And it's awfully hard for me to reinforce the behavior I want to see in the students when the adults in the room aren't following it themselves. I HATE THAT! It's the worst part of the job, and it will never change.

The English teacher too, I just would not like to be around her at all. Everything is so negative. She seeks me out though... and I just try to grin and bare it all. Not too long from now, she'll be gone. If only I could be gone.

Speaking of which, I know it sounds crazy, but maybe overseas will be an option in a year. I don't know yet. Anyway.......moving on.

Wine job was long, but at least I made up stuff for myself to do. Like seeing which things needed prices, and which ones had none. WHOA! Hard job. I should be grateful I don't have to do much. I pretty much have to be there and I make money.

Had a good wine this weekend.... It's Italian. I forget the name, but the type of wine is Frascati (I think it's the name of the region). It's very nice. And cheap... $10! A steal! White wine, fruity.. nice for a hot day. I'm sure it comes in all prices, but mine was only 10.

The weeks just keep going by, and I feel like summer is going to just fly. I'm expected back on August 2nd. How awful. Everyone I talk to says that sounds good to them, but they don't do the job I do. And most teachers get more time off. But my contract says differently. Then the next question they ask me is," Are you going to work during your break?" Ummmmmmmm. Nope. I'm even thinking of dropping the wine job because I think I'm going to end up actually owing taxes by years end. Not the plan I was hoping for. So basically for teachers to work throughout the year is pointless because we'll just end up paying for it. We'll see.

Ok- better try and relax so I can go to sleep.....way too much going on in my mind.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Get out and Play

If you're in my neck of the woods you should be outside today. I just got in, and it was a blast. Went to a BBQ and had fun. It was like a great time. Met new people, saw good friends, played..

AEROBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right. It was the wave of the future about (gulp) 20 years ago when I got my first Aerobie. The first one ended up in the duck pond in Bonn, Germany, and was not able to be fished out, unfortunately. HOWEVER- the thrower did buy me a new one to replace the old one. And I've had it ever since.

I don't know how you pronounce it, but it doesn't matter, because all you gotta do is play it.

Seriously, you couldn't have asked for a better day to do something outside. Yeah, it was warm, but nice breezes, and good shade under some trees. It was wonderful to actually just have the day off. Almost every week since March I've worked on Saturdays, but not this one. Tomorrow, however, I'll be inside.... but it's supposed to rain, so who cares.

I got my contract for the D-home. I will reluctantly sign it, unless by some chance something better just shows up on my front door..........................nope. Didn't happen. Oh well, this will be last year teaching for the public schools in Alexandria. At least, I think so. I hope so. Unless something really good happens. But I don't fancy working in an institution. It's hard. I don't get to go outside, I can't take my students outside. It's very difficult to work in that environment.

Anyway, last 2 days I'm not teaching. We're going to watch a movie. And they get to choose. They will have a choice between.......drum roll please.....

1. Corpse Bride
2. Labyrinth

They probably have no clue what the second one is, and will will probably choose Corpse Bride. However, I win either way, because I like both. In fact I was so excited to find Labyrinth. I didn't think it existed out there in storeland. I thought it was something that had to be special ordered, or e-bayed... NO!! NO sir! I bought that sucker from Best Buy (which happens to be one of my least favorite stores, by the way).

Anyway, get out there! Enjoy the weather....It won't be long until will code orange and red days!! And I"m not talking about the terrorist threat level.....

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


1. I hate it when people say, "I told you so", and they didn't do a damn thing to help you out. Don't claim something you didn't do for me. No, you didn't tell me to go there, or look there, or do that... NO you didn't. Not at all.

2. I hate when people bump into you and say,"Excuse you". NO, you man.. you.. And here I already am excusing myself... you don't need to do it for me.

3. Stupid drivers that just go through stop signs. NOT on accident.. I'm fully aware that it happens. But on purpose. What's the deal with that?


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ahh, almost there..

Well, the final weeks of school are coming upon me. This week is the last week of official teaching. So students are finishing up drawing faces. I'm cleaning up. IT has begun. I would like to do nothing more than forget this school year ever happened. Well, not totally, but on some level...for sure.

Unfortunately I have to show up for a few more weeks, doing random stuff. It won't be fun. It will be boring, but I hope to get a classroom out of the whole deal by the end of the year. That's right! Today I asked, " Can I get a classroom next year?". I didn't get an answer, really, but I hope to get a real answer by the time I am officially done in a few weeks.

I'm still looking for a new job, but I think I'll be there one more year. I may have an opportunity to teach art history at a local community college, but I'm not sure yet. They seemed interested, and I sent out my resume... and then nothing! We'll see. Then there's the possibility of landing a new job. I put a few random applications out there, one even in NC and one in PA. What am I thinking? I do not know.... I like where I live, I just want my job to be better.

Anyway, can't complain about life, I went to a concert on Sunday, and had a blast. I forgot how much fun it is to get out and do something a little different. It was Bloc Party, and they actually were really good. I happened to have a pretty good seat, as it turned out. I was right on the center aisle... about 15 rows from the stage!

First band that came on were "The Annuals" . They were really good. At one point they had 4 people drumming... Can you say percussion? 2 full drum sets for almost the entire show, and then in one song 2 others turned to the side to beat on their own couple of drums! It was great. I couldn't really understand the lead singers words, but it was lively and fun. Kinda sorta had an "Arcade Fire" tip.

Next was a trio-- Noisettes. British band. Good as well, the lead singer had a booming voice, tons of energy.. Don't know how to compare them except to say only slightly kinda sorta like the "yeah yeah yeahs".

LASTLY-- BLOC PARTY! They were so good. The drummer was fun to watch. Not only was he great, he was having so much fun. He would drum with one hand, hold up the other hand with a drumstick. Look at the crowd like he was going to slam the drum, and he would tap a cymbal ever so slightly. It WAS funny, and I think very humorous to him too (I saw him giggle a little). I'm not sure how many people paid attention to him doing that. I noticed.

The other high point was when the lead singer jumped off the stage and.....danced with everyone down the aisle! YES! That's right yours truly got to dance with him as well!! The bouncers didn't know what to do, I don't think they knew he was going to do that. How fun. I don't think I had ever danced so much at a concert actually.

If you ever have an opportunity to see someone you like at Constitution Hall in the DAR museum----- GO! There's not really a bad seat in the whole house.... So try to get the tickets.

So tomorrow....Wednesday. A student and I are going to make vegetarian chile. I don't know why I felt like doing this (I'm not even sure if I'm allowed). But there is this student who is really really interested in culinary school, she and I talk about it all the time. So it's time to actually do something. She's also working on a painting... A huge painting!!! So hopefully she'll finish that at some point too.

Ok, better go figure out dinner... not vegetarian chile.