Thursday, October 01, 2009

Another year.

Oh boy, another year has come and gone. It was a quiet celebration. But Jarle made a delicious gourmet meal for me. A lovely chianti stained risotto with a pear reduction and gorgonzola with walnuts. Just so very tasty, it's definitely going on the "make again" list. He also made homemade brownies. What a sweetie pie, I can't believe him sometimes. I'm so lucky. The dinner also came with a mix cd he made and a new book to read. I can't wait to read it. It's the new one bye Audrey Niffenegger. She wrote Time traveler's Wife (unfortunately it was made into a movie).

The whole day my students knew it was my birthday because they announced it over the announcements and all the kids kept telling me happy birthday yesterday. I even got a few today. It was nice.

I'm still feeling a bit overwhelmed with the 2 schools. I feel so behind. I find that writing things down on a calendar is a must. Especially for meetings. Do you have meetings like me? I mean it's either and IEP meeting, an art meeting, a parent meeting, or an after school activity, or something. I never leave when school is actually over. It's amazing. And I go home with tons of stuff to do. It's like I'm a new teacher all over again. Hopefully by November I'll have it all worked out.

I need to get ahead with a litttle planning and I think i'll feel much better.

Then there's the wedding. We have an engagement party 2 weekends from now and I'm so excited. Mostly his family and friends will be there, and a few on my side. My parents, my younger sister and my best friend. It will be nice. I'm making it an excuse to buy a nice dress for the evening.

So busy busy. The fall weather is beautiful right now, I can't wait until the leaves really start changing. That'll probably happen in the next week or so.

So 34 isn't looking so bad these days. Bring it on.

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