Monday, February 18, 2013

It's so GREEN!

SO here it is, the unveiling of the kitchen.  We REALLY love it.  Even the bright green color!

It's a funny story, I usually am queen of neutral colors in my house.  I like to accent with a variety of colors, but this time, I felt like we need something new!  Something FRESH! And well, it turned out to be this color green.  Which is called "pear green".  I don't know if I have ever seen a pear this color, but I do like it.  It's cheerful and since we have control over the dimness or the brightness of the lights it's kind of nice.  The first few weeks, I wasn't sure.  But-- it's grown on me, my eyes have adjusted, and it's just so nice to cook in this place.

Here's the after, I don't know why it uploaded everything in reverse order)

The prints are things Jarle and I have picked up from our travels. 

Our little European fridge, some day we may need/get an American sized one.  Oh and there used to be a wall right where that table is.

This did NOT keep the dust where we wanted it to.

So thankful for the light that shines in the kitchen in the afternoon, and we love the new placement of the window and door!  We still wonder why it was switched in the first place.

Yep, part of the before process.  The wall was torn out.  Next came rearranging all the pipe.

Looking into the former kitchen area, from the dining area.

Unexpected hole in the wall.  They had to replace some pipes.  Our house BE old, yo.

Yay, new window! New placement!

I really enjoyed seeing the skeleton of the house.  It was kind of cool.

New Ceiling too, because we got recessed lighting.

No comment.

Hello basement!  Why, I can see you through the kitchen floor.

Brand SPANKIN' new!  But, not very colorful.

So we add the green.

First new flowers.  I love tulips.  These are gorgeous!

Brand SPANKIN' NEW- no wall, just space.  I can do a cartwheel in here.