Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rough behind me.

So that was tough, barely thought I'd get through it. I'll just mention the high points (most of them wedding related)...

-sending out the wedding invitations
- starting to put some lanterns together for the wedding
- K and S finally got to take their new babe home from the hospital (poor little guy had a rough start)
- beautiful weather on some days
- seeing the school play go off without a problem and the scenery didn't fall down or come apart
- made a trip to Ikea and found EVERYTHING I needed quickly
- a wonderful husband who made me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast this morning
- nice walks with the Lhotse

So really-- it is enough to forget about the other stuff.

But it has been rough with work. The one school that I'm dealing with just continues to ruin my week. It's really such a negative place. I'm really hoping that I can switch out of that for the next school year... but there's no telling what will happen. I'm trying to think of things that might be pulling me in a different direction. Maybe an MFA program, I don't know. It's hard to say.

We'll see.

I'm off to attempt to make pillows for the wedding. I bought a whole bunch of bold print fabric. We'll see how they go. I'll post pictures of how this goes... I've never really sewed before-- we'll I did make bean bags ones-- but that's another story.

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