Tuesday, November 06, 2012


No matter what your beliefs are, just vote!  I did today. It took a lot longer than I thought, but I was able to share the experience with my husband, neighbors, and pleasant people standing in line.  I'm glad to say that I can vote, and I do have a say in my local elections.   I voted on some local issues that are important in my county.

I'm not the most patriotic person in the world.  But I am glad I do have certain rights.  I can share my views and make my own decisions.

The one thing that I'm glad will be over are these stupid propaganda-- I mean campaign adds.  Living in a battle ground/swing state, is not a treat.  I've felt personally attacked myself.  I'm just so tired of seeing all of these negative ads.  It doesn't help me choose.  It makes me not want to choose.

However, just to get on the soap box a little bit.  I have felt attacked this election cycle.  With all the inflammatory remarks about women's issues, I have been personally offended that many people don't think I should be able to make my own decisions about my body.

Ahh, ok, enough of that.  There are plenty of reasons this election cycle to be up in arms about so many issues.  I won't go into them here.  Believe me, on facebook I've seen enough of people's rants and raves.

So Happy Election Day to you all out there.  I've used my right, and I'm so glad I have it. Below are a couple of pictures I took of today's process.  Played around with the light and exposure...

The looooooooong line.  2 hours, up and around a couple of corners I found my right to vote.

Right after J and I voted.  Yay for voting! (probably the only time you'll see with an American flag)

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