Thursday, March 21, 2013

Important POST...this is a must read and watch

I'm posting this everywhere today.  I'm about embark on a really awesome journey in April and we will meet the group that produced this video.

So for your consideration, take this to heart.  Think about all the kids in your life.  Think about the kids you'll have, or already have.  Consider that America is killing it's people with processed food to make a buck.  Consider that many people in my very own state have no access to fresh food and vegetables.  Keep in mind that in the school that I work in is part of the school-to-prison pipeline and they are doing nothing to keep the kids out of the system.  This is the very system that punishes them passive-aggressively and then rewards their good behavior in the system with candy and junk food.  Everyday I see the cart roll by me on it's way to the units after school I'm truly horrified.

These kids do NOT need to pacified with sugary and salty snacks and they know it.  They know it's happening to them, but they also know that there is nothing they can do about it.  They are tired of living in on this treadmill but are given no ways to get off.

We can all help!  I do my best to offer an after school program, trying to give them other options.  But I'm so limited.  What our school needs to do is try to create a community that is will to take them in,  understand what they are about, and try to identify the true needs that they need.  Their true struggles they deal with.

One of them is FOOD.  One of them is the ability to feel good inside in out.  Can you imagine if my students ate real food, how that would make them feel?

So watch this--- it's a great take on a very serious problem.  I'm thinking about making the curriculum the basis for our enrichment program at the end of the year.

Food Fight

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Jona said...

I want to know more about your trip in April. I think that's awesome. I am in complete agreement that our food system needs a MASSIVE overhaul. It will take some serious doing by us adults, some wake-up calls and more awareness-raising (which are already in effect) and the education and cooperation of the youth to make it happen. But it IS possible!