Sunday, August 19, 2007

No more driving for a while

I really do like to drive, but I don't like to drive 13- 14 hours in a span of 36 hours. That's right, do the math. It's not the most driving I've done in a short time span, because after all, I did go across the country a few times. However, driving through NYC during a summer weekend, is less than fun. But, it was all worth it to attend a "Second" wedding of one of my good friends. And it was a little adventurous, i.e. Jersey Turnpike. Nothing beats being passed over and over by car after car, even when you're already going well over a certain speed limit. I also had to drive along side a massive amount of motorcycles..... .too fast... too furious, if you know what I mean.

And what can I say about the freakish drivers of Connecticut. Ummm, just don't drive. Just get off the road.

I feel like I can truly appreciate the drivers in my area now, we're not as bad as all the other places crammed along the east coast. Yes, the beltway is akin to a nascar speed way, but at least people take in mind which lane they are driving in... the slow ones really do tend to stay towards the right. And the there is a definite middle of the road (where I tend to hang out) and the far left lanes. Humm... kind of says something politically doesn't it... although, I would say I definitely lean a little more to the left.

Anywho- it was a nice drive. Connecticut is beautiful. It's very green and quaint. I have only driven past Stamford and New Haven on my way up to Mass, but this time I got to actually be in the state and see some towns, and they're nice. The air was crisp too. I realize that it's been cooler than it has been all over the east these past few days, but it was a perfect day yesterday. Just amazing.

So it was all worth it. The wedding was nice. However, I'm glad I won't be driving that far for a while now.

So here are some pics:

Tamar and me. She and her husband.. and new baby Flora will be moving up to Connecticut in a couple of weeks. Lucky! Although I'm going to miss them.

Ruth (a bride 2-times.... to the same man, don't be like that). She looked beautiful and wore her mom's gown.

The ladies. A picture with Ruth's friends and Cousins.

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