Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh summer....

I can't believe how fast it's been going. I just started to feel relaxed. If I were in a normal school I'd have one more month completely off. But I'm not here to complain. I am only wishing. Anyway, one good thing I've done since being off this month, is pick up yoga again. I wish I had been taking it all year long. But that's the good thing about it, you can pick it up at anytime. So I plan on sticking with it from now on. Om.................................................

This weekend J and I will fight the traffic and go down to Charlottesville, via Richmond. Since we leave today, I'm not really looking forward to driving. We won't be able to leave until after 3 or 4 pm.... which is a bad idea. Hopefully we'll decide to eat dinner first and leave afterwards. But who knows. Richmond isn't that far away (1 hour and 1/2 without traffic), but on a summer Friday afternoon, I am almost 100% positive that it will be double.

I'm looking forward to getting away. As much as I love where I live, I like seeing less traffic, being around nature, and seeing more nice faces. People around here are much more harsh, I feel. Not like NYC harsh (obviously), but sometimes people can be extremely rude (except in yoga...hahahahah). I sometimes long for the day that I can move out of this area for a much more low-key kind of place. Like-------------Charlottesville. I love it there. It's beautiful, but there's everything I could want... You could easily go for a hike during the day, and then end it with a gourmet-vegetarian meal at an amazing restaurant. Homes--- affordable. DC, only about 2 1/2 hours away (on a good day). There aren't that many places I would like to live. I can easily think of far off places, but when it comes down to near by areas, or in the country, I draw a blank.

OH the summer. Only about a week and a couple of days more. And I intend to make the most of it. I'm off to yoga in a few, and need to run some errands, but I may just make it too the pool too! Ahhh the summer. Everyone should have one.

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