Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yoga revolution!

Yep! I joined the yoga revolution. I've been going the last couple of weeks, and I decided to make a commitment to it. I'm one for diving in and sticking to something, so I decided that this might be a good thing for me. There's not dilly-dallying around it. I'm going for it.

I hope that it'll help me learn to slow down my mind. I'm also hoping it will help with a whole bunch of other ailments that have cropped up this year (shoulder injury, back issues, tight muscles, lack of sleep). It's time. I've always done such jarring exercises, and my joints hate me for it now. So it's time to concentrate on building strength, flexibility, breathe slowly, and kind of treat myself.

No, it's not cheap, but it's something I can go to when the school year gets tough. And it will.


Namaste and good luck. (haha, any idea where that line comes from?)

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Cory and Jona said...

Eat, Pray, Love?

Kofta!!! I miss you! Write me when you get a chance and tell me how Charlottesville was (it was C-ville right or am I completely off?) We leave on THURSDAY - I can't believe it! When do you go back? xo