Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Septermber 12?

That could possibly be our closing date! We met with the realtor today and it sounds as if the owner is ready to sell his home (it's been vacant for a while, he's already moved). It's an exciting time, but I feel nervous (as to be expected). The whole process is a lot to handle, especially when we're kind of on our own. J and I decided we didn't really want to use a realtor. So we're in a unique situation with the realtor who is selling the owner's house. He basically will get 2 commissions, which is excellent for him, and may give us a little wiggle room on the sale price. However, we're still doing a lot on our own and relying on the seller's realtor for information he's giving us. Which may or may not work for us in the end, but I'm hoping it does.

Tomorrow he'll give our offer to the owner, and I will be be turning in a huge check that will go into escrow (I finally understand what that means!)..... YIKES! It's happening fast and Saturday will possibly be the big inspection. If all goes according to plan we'll be moving in on September 12th!! HOLY COW!

And when I say moving in, I really mean we'll begin working on the house. I think the first thing we're going to have to take care of are the windows, then the kitchen/painting, and then the floors. It will be quite an undertaking this fall.... not to mention the work we'll have to do on the yard.

The anticipation is fun in a way, a little stressful, but a good stress. There are tons of papers to go through and read, things to initial here and there. Dollar signs, facts and figures.. It's a lot to take in, but I wouldn't want to go through it with anyone else. A lot of our personality traits are shining through right now. Me, the more nervous type, and J the excited type. We balance each other out a bit. I'm staying on the positive side, though. I am imagining that we're getting this place, and I'm thinking about the colors that we're going to be painting on the wall, the new kitchen we're going to have put in, the furniture going in particular places, Lhotse enjoying her little back yard, and growing a late summer garden.

So we'll know...soon...very soon.....

The funny thing is, the realtor's office is right next to the Thai restaurant J and I had our first date, almost a year ago.... -kismet-

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Grant said...

Good luck, hope it works out. I know Home Depot well now...I mean again. I did wear an orange apron for 4 years...ugh!