Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not a normal day..week....ever

Everyone knows by now where I teach, and what I do. The conflict I deal with everyday is consistency. Not just with my own teaching practices, but the building, the environment, the kids, the transient nature of it all.

Well, today is no exception. We've not had a normal week since September. Almost every week there has been some kind of shortened day, or an assembly, or a training... At least once a week. Or, I've been out. Today we were actually just discussing how this week looks like it may be the first 5-day uninterrupted schedule since we can remember. No dice.

As you may have guessed, security comes first. And today, there just happened to be a breach. I'm not going to go into it on the blog, someone lost some keys.. Not teaching staff. They're important keys. If someone got a hold of them, they could walk right out of this facility. The search has begun.

So all the kids are locked down, we're stuck in our classrooms... which is fine. I got tons to do. The worst part about it, is that we don't know how long this will last. It's pretty important that they find these, or else, well, I don't know what else. They'll have to completely change all the locks and keypads.

I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm not going to be doing any teaching the rest of the day. Which really stinks. Today I was on a roll with the two classes I saw, and was really upbeat that my students would be making some strides in their perspective drawings. But I guess that's kind of on hold for now.

So much for a "normal" work week. And next week is Thanksgiving -- we only have 2 days of school next week.

I just wish things were a little different.


Michelle Brunner said...

Wow! I cannot believe you have not had a normal week of school yet this year! You poor girl:) Thanksgiving break is on the way..yay! Our last day is Tuesday...I already have a count down on my dry erase board in my classroom:)

Kate said...

I know, I'm hanging on. Thank you for the comment... And nice idea for your neice! The pieces look great.