Wednesday, January 07, 2009

DC Craziness

Here is a map of my area.

Basically getting around here takes a lot of patience. A lot. I know when to travel, and when to wait, and when to get out there and take my life into my own hands. However, in the following weeks, driving anywhere could be considered the riskiest thing to try.


The inauguration. Of course it's over a long holiday weekend, and then schools and the federal government is closed for the inauguration. But try to take advantage of the weekend and leave town. You'll never get back, especially if you drive.

The latest scare according to NPR is that there will be upwards of 1.5-2 million more people in the area to witness this historic event. A lot-- and I mean a lot-- are probably going to be driving here. Especially if they're within 4 hours. So the major highways are sure to hit major back up.

They're (and I'm not sure who "they" is) is predicting that there will be back up of 20-25 miles in the metro area. And on major highways the delay could reach in the direction of Richmond (which is actually 2 hours away) and to the west it could reach all the way past Winchester, which is 2 hours west. And not to mention other delays up in Maryland!

So what are we to do? On one hand I would really like to get out of town and spend the 4 day weekend somewhere else, where it's low key, and quiet-- and I'll watch the inauguration the tv...

On the other hand, how the heck will be ever be able to return?

Driving isn't a great option for the return, and certainly flying at this point is out of the question. So, I'm thinking possibly a train. It's going to be interesting how this all plays out. Many people are asking me why I'm NOT going downtown. Yes, it's a historical moment, I was a part of it by taking part in the democratic process of voting, but there is absolutely no way I will put myself down on the mall to not see anything in the freezing cold. Am I excited for the new president... you better believe it. But I don't think Obama would mind at all of I stayed in somewhere warm and watched.

The only question in my mind is....where will I be watching.

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