Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 more days!

Spring Break is almost here! YAY!!!3 more days to go, and I have to keep saying at this point-- "I think I can". And, I think I can.

No huge plans, BUT I will be busy.

This weekend we have some friends coming down from Connecticut. They moved from NOVA up to Yankeeland this summer, and I've been missing them. I met Ruth way back when I moved here in 2003. We were friends right away, because we both started teaching at the same school that year. I moved away (to Egyptland) and then came back, and even though i wasn't back at the same school...we still remained dear friends. She and her husband even put me up 2-3 times a week when I had no place to live. I can't wait to see them! We plan on hitting the old spots she so dearly misses...happy hour place, brunch place, and other places in between. I'm hoping we make it into town to a museum or something too.

Then after this weekend I begin work on a mural for my best friend and her husband. It's not really for them, it's for Baby Boy (name withheld until birth) who will be arriving May 1st (or perhaps sooner?). I will be painting a tree with branches extending on the side of another wall, and on the ceiling (the hardest part for me), and then leaves. I drew a sketch for them, and they seemed to like it. I've never painted a mural for a friend before, so this is a first. I'm a little nervous, because I want them to LOVE it.

Next I head up to G-burg to see my parents (J won't be able to make it). But the visit will have many reasons. One- to meet with a seamstress to alter my wedding dress (which I just picked up this weekend-- and yes I still love it). Two- do some wedding planning with the rents. And 3 actually visit with my parents (it's been too long).

Then J and I will be off visiting a variety of family (his side). We both are excited to meet the new addition oh his side of the family. His sister just had a baby girl last weekend -- Ellie Claire... so sweet, that's why I'm calling her eclair!

Things will be great! I'm ready to be out of the grind for a week.

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Jona said...

Now it's my turn:
1. Awesome that we have the same spring breaks.
2. Glad you are able to catch up with your friend Ruth and enjoy your old hang-out spots.
3. YAY on the wedding dress and that the wedding is a GO! (still awaiting more details on that :) )
4. ENJOY YOUR SPRING BREAK - you also deserve some R&R!
P.S. Good luck on the mural. I hope they'll let you take a pic so I can see what magic you've created in the baby's room...