Friday, March 12, 2010

Who's bad?

I have the funniest story.

It all starts with a first grader I teach. He is one of the most happiest, excited kids in the whole school. He is enthusiastic, fun, off beat, clever kid. And- he wants to be a Micheal Jackson impersonator when he grows up. (I am totally serious)

This amazing kid, who just friendly, nice, and considerate can't see anything else in his life, but be Micheal Jackson. Last week his class had earned a costume day and he wore his costume (circa "Bad" Micheal Jackson), he danced for us and loved every second of it. He is REALLY good! I was amazed. Some of the kids who know him said he was on tv a couple of times, and he performs kind of often.

So, today I decided that I wanted to find out where this obession came from. I had a few moments because the kids were working really hard and painting to music, so I sat down beside him. He was already talking about it with a classmate, so I asked him- So what made you so interested in Micheal Jackson? He told me that the he remembered the first song her heard was on Guitar Hero - Beat it- and that from then on he "Just loved it". He says he got a few books, watched some of the videos and he "Just learned how to be him". He went on to say that to be better he needs to start collecting clothes, books, and all of his videos. And beleive me, he's saying all of this in a very excited voice!

This kid, who you would never suspect he'd love to be MJ, finishes his work, and asks me if he can do a free drawing. I say of course-- and he draws 3 faces of MJ. He says- this one is far away, this one is coming closer and this one is the closest.

Well, at least he learned my lesson about perspective.

I really love this kid though, you can tell he just really loves being able to be himself. I think he's had a bad day here and there, but mostly he's just a happy kid who loves music. I asked him what he spends his time doing at home , he said- mostly I just listen to music all the time.

Yep, I like that kid.

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