Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sorry, that's bad for you too

Yep, finally a study that shows that soda of any kind is bad for you. Well, what did you expect? I had a principal once who wouldn't even drink water. She would get a huge soda and drink it through the day. Yeah, very healthy. I think the study has only come out because they're trying to remind everyone that soda should be considered like a treat. Not a beverage to substitute for water or milk, or good juices. Personally, I don't usually drink soda. I have been taught that it is a treat. And rarely do I have the real thing.... except who could resist an nice iced-cold coke from a bottle............? Yum!

Now only if I could break the coffee habit. Although, it has so many benefits, I'm will to risk it.

If only work was so bad for you that you could go to it either. I have a week and 1/2 left. So not looking forward to it! I'm just going to have make specific plans to break up the year. I already have some intentions for August, September, and October. Then there's Thanksgiving, And then Christmas! So Fall is the easy part. The winter/spring semester is always harder, and that's where the sick days will come in. That will be a long 6 months. But hopefully by February or March I'll know where I'll be going for the next school year.

Anyway, I must enjoy my last few days of summer, next week I'm at the beach, so that's going to be excellent. I'm glad I got it in... but just under the wire.

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