Saturday, July 21, 2007

These things I know

No 1. I make a pretty darn good stir fry, full of delicious items.
No. 2. The Police didn't play "Canary in a Coalmine". Which is a great one, that they could have jammed on, and contains all sorts of environmental lyrics. I would have also liked "Murder by numbers"... .and of course "Tea in the Sahara". Actually I was expecting that one.
No. 3. They could have also handled "Ms. Gradenko". Maybe that's too 80's. (But the 80's are back!)
No. 4. 2 more weeks of freedom, and it's depressing.

Oh- they should have done "Man in a suitcase"!

Why must I be!!!!!! (it's really a fitting song for me)

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