Saturday, July 21, 2007's dodododo dadadada. Not dodododo dodododo

Yes, it was that time. Time for "The Police". It was a good concert, but as a whole it ranks kinda low. It wasn't that they were horrible. NOT AT ALL! They were very good. It's great that they have been touring. They played a long set and an encore, but a lot of their songs were at half speed. Some of the songs became way too "Sting-a-fied".

We were late. We missed the horrible first band (my sister heard them). It was Sting's son's band. Which brings me to my next point. Is that why they're on tour? To promote Sumner-the-younger's band? Hummm... Me thinketh it is so.

Be that as it may. I saw them. They played a lot of popular songs, and some of them less well known, but I knew them all. Some of their screen displays were a bit cheesy (like the one for "walking in your footsteps" which showed skeletal dinosaurs walking on their faces on the screens... in sepia.....CHEESE!) They did have some screen art that featured their old album covers with the primary colors and the digital portrait of the band. They were expected.

I have to say that "Driven to Tears" was really good, and I was looking forward to ," So lonely". Of course there was "Roxanne". Then like always, in Sting concerts he usually closes with "Every Breath You Take", and so did the Police. It was good too. Then they came back with an encore, and right now I forget what they did. All in all, I'm glad I went. It's more like a rite of passage. I needed to go. The stage looked tiny, and the band looked like the size of my thumb, but I'm glad I went. Musically they were great, but I can't help but wonder if they weren't really that excited to be in Hershey. I mean, I felt like even the crowd was extremely low key, and low energy... I mean the band is in their 50's, and the crowd was in that range too.

Anywho, I can check that off my list. Now who's next??

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