Sunday, September 16, 2012


I really like Sunday mornings.  It's so peaceful.  Not much traffic, not much movement, just the sounds of me shifting in my seat and the birds waking up.  There's not much to not like.  I'm sitting here thinking about Saturday and drinking a warm cup of tea.  I'm thinking about how the summer is coming to a close, and how the chill in the air is just the beginning of how everything will soon start to change colors, whither away.

It's just a reminder.

Yesterday was also a great reminder.  I went with some of my friends to do yoga with one of my teachers from training.  He's pretty amazing.  He has a great way of making everyone feeling welcome. I think I needed that reminder too.  I forget that a lot of people have very different views of yoga, which is fine.  You can look at yoga as a tao.  Which is "way".  So yoga is a way, and then within yoga there are many ways.  I love that philosophy, because it's so much more inclusive.

Sometimes I feel people restrict what is or isn't yoga.  But I truly feel that anything could be yoga.  After all yoga is breath.  Linking your breath to movement, in a special way is vinyasa.  One of the 8 limbs of yoga is meditation.  So, if I consider yoga to be anything, maybe drinking tea could be yoga!

I think yoga really just reminds us that thinking about our actions is important.  Being present, focusing on what is right here.

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day.  I brought  to of my friends who are visiting from Connecticut to yoga.  They've never been to a yoga class, and I think they had a great time.  It was interesting to try and catch them out of the corner of my eye during our class.  They were definitely having a good experience, and I'm so glad that they're first "real" class was with me and my teacher.

The other part of the day was being around this little guy, pictured below.  During practice he just came around, sat with us, crawled underneath us, fed us little bit of apple, and just watched.  He was not only a peaceful little guy, but a fun little guy.  It was nice to have him around our circle.  Of course there were time when he ran off to look at something, but he was just a cutie pie the whole time.  Another reminder.

In the next couple of months I hope that these reminders of the weekend come back to me.  It's one of the few times in the past couple of months that I've felt like things seemed to slow down.

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend out there!

An amazing space that was quiet, and away from traffic.  A nice little oasis in the middle of chaos

There's the little guy, buddha, and me

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