Friday, September 07, 2012


Lately, I've been having a lot of strange dreams.  Ones that I can't really figure out why I might be dreaming them.  I haven't been lost in thought about other people, places or things.  But they seem to come up in these last few nights.

Are dreams a way of working something out?  Or are they just "head movies" that float around when I'm trying to sleep?

Then you have one camp that says dreaming is good, because that means you're getting into deep sleep, while others say dreaming is bad... that's a disturbed mind (not disturbed as in crazy, disturbed as in disturbed thoughts, I mean, you know, a busy mind....just had to clear that up).

So I don't know, I think no matter who says what, I'm glad I'm dreaming, because that means at the very least I am getting some sleep.  And lack of sleep has plagued me for years.  The sleep has come back and it must mean that I'm keeping very busy.  Well, some what.  Next week it really starts.  I begin 2 graduate classes and start the after school art/yoga program.  Oh, and let me throw in an original art design for his yoga training logo!  It's going to be crazy!!!!

Anyway, it is Friday, my students are busy working on their "elements of design"- Kandinsky inspired- group drawings.  Some of them look like a mess, but others.... may have some interesting qualities.   I need to start blogging their artwork again...  If I do, I'll post the link here.


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