Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Heavy rain

Busted! It was supposed to rain, I felt the drops, saw the clouds... and it didn't come. Oh well. It scared me enough not to walk to Old Towne, so I didn't. I did make it to the fancy dancy grocery store and I discovered that they carried Birch Beer! YES! Birch Beer!

For people who are not familiar with Birch Beer, it's pretty much a mid-atlantic thing. It reminds me of the shore when I was a kid, because that's the only place you used to be able to get it. My family and I used to go to Ocean City, NJ every summer and there was this awesome pizza place on the boardwalk and they served Birch Beer. Now it is seen in a lot of places. It's kind of like Root Beer... kinda. It's got a different flavor, really sweet, and the color of birch.

I'm so tired today. I know it's Thursday, but I still have to go to work this Saturday! A "records" day... whatever. The weather is supposed to get bad again, so at least I won't feel like I should be outside. But I may wish I was sleeping.


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