Sunday, March 25, 2007

Maybe, a little crazy

Ok, well, it must have been a much better week. It's hard to be in an unhappy routine constantly and feel like you can't come up for air. But Friday and Saturday were great!

Friday, I we didn't have school and attended a mini-conference held at another detention center. It was all teachers and principals who work in D-homes. It was great! It was a chance to see other new faces, people that do exactly what I do (although I only met one other art teacher and she was hard to talk to..hummmm). I actually had a few conversations with people at other places and they were "NORMAL"! There are "normal" people out there who do what I do. I'm so tired of the nit-picky ones I work with. All they know how to do is constantly complain and all that. Some people just don't know when to let things go. I know not everyone is perfect, but I feel like I work with so many squeaky wheels it's damaging what our goals should be as a school. There's only 8 of us, we have small classes sizes, we should be making strides with the school.

But it's ok, because I became inspired. I realize who our population is, I realize their needs. I realize who the people are that I work with, and that we're all there for different reasons. And I'm ok with that for now. I'm not sure where I'll end up next year, but I do know that I'll do my hardest to finish out the school year in the best way I know how. Do you realize that 70% of the students I get have some sort of acute or major mental illness. 70% ranging from Depression to personality disorders. Not to mention the massive changes they're going through as teenagers. Factor in their bizarre choices and lifestyles and you've got -- CRAZY!

Ok, that's enough of that. Friday I did see "Reign Over Me". The one with Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler... very sad.... very very sad. But good.

Ok- let's turn my attention to Saturday. I attended a workshop about Jasper Johns at the National Gallery of Art. I LOVED IT! I LOVE JASPER JOHNS! And I even made a work in his style. It was great! I met other art teachers, and it was great. Even sat next to this band who would be performing that day at the NGA in conjunction with the Jasper Johns show. Really nice guys. From Boston.... Fun. GREAT! (How many times can I say great?)

I didn't know anyone, but I tagged along with these two women who teach at some fancy dancy school near Great Falls (10 mins outside of DC). They were so nice, and one of the teachers is a practicing artist and she's going to give me some information on joining at art guild. She really liked the work that I made (that was funny to me because I haven't painted with acrylics in I don't know how long), and she said I should think about showing my work around here! What a compliment! Anyway.. really nice to hear from a peer that she likes what you do! It makes me want to really set up a little area in my little apartment to paint! I really should. I know I need to.

OK--- next. I applied for a part time job, and got it! I know, it seems a bit strange. How could I possibly need and have time for another job, and what the hell would I be doing! Right? Well, remember that fancy dancy gourmet food shop across the street from me? Probably not. We'll I knew they needed someone a while ago, but the announcement went away, so I figured they hired someone. But this last week, I saw a new announcement. And I thought to myself-- why not? I'm interested in food. Why not get a job with food? So I called the guy Friday, set up an appointment for Saturday and got hired. It's not really for the money. I'll only be working about 10 hours a week. I will probably be working in the wine department! NICE!! AND-- the piece de resistance----- I get 30% off of all my groceries! That right there is worth it.

So I'm taking some twists and turns.... I think I need to. So I'm a little looney. So what? Like you didn't know that before.

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