Thursday, August 09, 2012

First full week back, not full.

Well, it's already started.  The first cancellation of part of a school day.  I didn't expect it to start this soon.   The detention center basically thinks that school is an inconvenience.  They cancelled the last hour of school today because they had to make a transport.  I'm sorry, but you couldn't have waited for one more class to be finished?  You couldn't have held on to that transport for one more stinking hour?  I mean where does that kid have to be?  Right?

It's one of those things I'm probably going to be keeping track of the rest of the year.  They have no consideration for what we do there as educators.  Yesterday 2 staff had personal "whispering" conversations in the back of my  classroom while I was trying to maintain a quiet environment for a yoga practice with 10 students.  And these aren't regular students.  They're already all over the place and it's hard to maintain their focus.  Instead, the students were constantly turning around to see what was going on between the 2 adults.  RIDICULOUS!

I was distracted, myself!  Every time I looked up I saw them whispering, I'm trying to give directions and demonstrate at the same time, and the kids are trying to listen to their whispers.. not me.

It's really a job that requires a lot of patience.  And I have a lot of it, but on the first week back it seems like patience is already on overload.  If this is already happening in the first 4 days, I predict that it will happen regularly throughout the year.

The only thing I can do is take deep breaths.  I can't control other adults and what they're told to do.  It's just a shape that no one but the educators seem to care about the education.

Ahhhh!!!!!! Primal Scream.

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