Saturday, August 04, 2012

Go Serena!...and 4th place medals

Just saw Serena Williams crush Maria Sharpova in the tennis gold medal match.  It was amazing.  She played so well.  I hadn't seen her play so well in the last two years, I was kind of shocked.  I'm happy when my favorites really get what they set out to accomplish.  Serena had been getting a bad rap lately. People saying she wasn't taking tennis so seriously..well take that!  She did seem rather emotional on the court when I've seen her play the last few times.  But this was amazing.  So much fun to watch her in a good match.  She makes it look so easy.

OK-- so here's the next thing.  Last night I was listening to the radio, NPR.  They had a story about a British guy who's having medals made for the athletes that come in 4th place in the Olympics.  He doesn't make them for all 4th place finishers.  But picks people that he thinks should have gotten a medal.  Then he wraps them up and sends them to the Olympic Village.  He doesn't expect anything back, and he is doing it out of complete kindness and recognizing the athlete.  He realizes that some athletes may take offense to it, but he also realizes that some who get it may very well appreciate it.  Here's a link to this really cool story...  Love his accent.  And I do LOVE his sincerity.

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