Tuesday, February 09, 2010

strike that--

Noooo....not 4-8 inches.

Now it's 12-18 inches!

Where is this stuff coming from?

Our neighborhood is going crazy. I'm trying to stay off the listserv, but I keep getting these messages that are so full of panic. It's like people are hysterical. I don't think people realize that this is just not normal. It really isn't. I haven't seen this much snow ever. It's really odd to be hit with so much snow. But a few people in the neighborhood are using the listserv to complain, not to help. It bothers me, and I've posted one message because I was upset at the reaction to the snow by some people. Basically people were mad at their neighbors for not shoveling or clearing their snow. So I just wrote that technically no one has to remove any snow-- but on the other hand, I'm sure people are doing what they can.

Our neighborhood is mixed. There are many old people, single people, couples, people with kids, people who travel. I've been helping people, but the reality of it is, this is tons of snow! There is no place for the snow to go. I just want people to relax-- there's no school, the metro at our stop is not running, federal government is closed. Snow removal is backbreaking work, and if someone has a complaint they should talk to a neighbor, not belittle them namelessly on a listserv.

Ugh-- opps, I guess I just complained myself. Ok- enough of that. Like any of you care about my neighborhood....

So- we're awaiting the extra snow. It should all begin in about 1/2 hour.

I really can't wait until spring at this point. It's going to be fantastic.


Michelle Brunner said...

Enjoy your snow days:) I FINALLY got one today (and hopefully one tomorrow!) I can't even imagine getting the snow that you guys have gotten! Hang in there, spring will be here soon (ish)

Kate said...

Thanks Michelle! Enjoy your day(s). I truly can't wait for spring!