Sunday, May 20, 2007

I rule!

I put together 5 bookcases today! And it looks so great. I'm so glad I finally got this done. Now I think my place is looking finished. Well, almost. I still need to get some more pictures up. I can't imagine how long it will take if I ever have a house. But, at least I'll have it the way I want. Hopefully, I won't have to move any time soon, but you know how that goes.

Today I had work. I bought a couple of new wines. (new to me) A Cabernet Sauvingnon from Washington state!!! Really nice. Very "fruit forward" as they say...

I also bought a semillion from Australia (makers of a shiraz I really like). We'll see, I haven't opened it yet. What I need to do is have a wine tasting party and try all of these with some people, so I don't have to drink the whole bottle. I still have a few open bottles to take care of... Maybe that's something I'll have to plan for the summer time.

So-- what else. Iconoclasts-- that series on Sundance Channel! I love it. It's great.
Umm---- painting. Still going. The plan is to have a body of work by the end of the summer. I stretched a couple of canvases this week, and now hopefully I'll get to use them soon. I bought some canvas in Egypt and it's pretty coarse. I think it will be ok. Although I do like to use really small brushes.

I'm applying to a show in this area. I have to turn in something decent by the end of July. Then they jury it (I think) and then the show takes place in early September. We'll see, I'd love to be able to show again, but I guess it's all up to me. Somebody asked me if I had a website the other day. I don't, however, maybe I should really think of getting one together.

So good things are happening. I wish school would end a little earlier, and I wish I could change schools, but I'm going to keep plugging a long. I'll probably be at the d-home another year. Then after that, somewhere else. I don't fancy working for a corrupt system such as this. So I am going to use every tactic I can to get out of it for the following year.

Ok- Monday is soon, gotta try to get things in order for tomorrow...

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