Monday, May 21, 2007

Smelling Wine

Yeah, I know, strange, but it actually does give you the full effect of the wine. For instance, I bought this wine... and I smelled it, and tasted it, and it wasn't all bad. However, if I had just smelled it, I probably would have stopped there. It smelled like grass, and well, to put it nicely-- like farm. It was mostly grassy, but I really wasn't sure what it would taste like. So I tasted it... It tasted like exotic fruit, a little citrus. It was ok. Not my favorite, hopefully I'll be able to get someone to help me drink it.

I helped a few people today, had a few conversations. I think I sold a bottle of wine to a couple that was on their way to being completely blasted. At least the woman was. I hope they weren't driving.... A lot of people do walk around here.

I talked to this older man about Germany and the State Department, and how we have the worst President ever.

I even got to come home early! NICE! I won't argue with my manager if he comes and tells me I can go home if I want to..... So I did.

School was strange. The music teacher... so very naive. So very ignorant of what has gone on all year. But whatever, it was interesting to see him finally upset about something. It's about time.

On a whim I applied to a Quaker school today.

Hummmmmmm, can't wait for tomorrow, the weather is so nice right now, and I'm going to try to spend it outside after school....

My shelves are getting filled, and it's so nice to see almost all my books in one place.

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