Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wish I had a river... oh wait I do!

But not to skate away on. Just to JUMP in! I know that the Potomac is probably way cleaner than the Nile, but I'm stull not ready put the pinky toe into the drink. I know people sail in it, and row in it, kayak in it. But I don't want to be immersed in it. So I'll just keep looking for a place to do that.

The weather has been great! It's sunny, not hot yet, sun shining. This is what I miss about VA. In fact the other day, I passed by an area with my best friend, and I said to her," This smells like Virginia to me." I'm not sure what it is. The plants growing, grass being cut. I think it actually might be the azaleas. It seems like everyone who owns a house in Virginia has azaleas. And they're great for about a week, and then the pretty flowers start dying off and turn brown, fall off, and you got nothing. But I digress. It smells like Virginia.

Things are moving along. It's May and I have neglected to put in an wine hint in the last time I worked. Humm.. What could be my hint this time around? I can't think of one at the moment. Kinda tired.

I would love to find an alternative to driving. The gas prices are insane in this area. I don't use that much gas, actually. But it's just too dangerous to ride my bike, and still too expensive to do the metro (and I still wouldn't be able to get there). So oil.. A huge problem in this country. But we're still so dependent. I don't even want to drive up and back from my parents' house because it's going to cost so much. And with summer on the way.... it's just going to get worse. So much for road trips!

In other news, still don't know what's up for school next year. I'm not even sure when our school year ends this year. I'm hoping for a transfer. So, keep your fingers crossed. Even so, it's out of my hands, and if I need to work in my current place for one more year then so be it. But, I'll be seriously looking for a way out... and it may be the chance to go international again, maybe this time for good. (that sounded more dramatic then I intended)

Alright, time to relax, read something and watch the tube.

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