Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Well, it's that time of year folks! Season Finale time! It's going to be great. I will say no more.

So, today I got to use my camp counselor skills at work today. The detention specialists put together a few games, and left the rest of it up to us teachers. It was fine, but they wanted to "pick" teams. Like call out names and actually choose who we wanted. I said no to that. And people just stood around. So I said," Why don't we just count them off?" And they just stood there looking at me with a strange look. So I said," I'll just number them off there's 4 teams..." (duh)... So I did. Worked out fine, no one had to fear being the last one chosen, and the teachers didn't have to choose students. The people I work with are not the smartest of the bunch.

We did play dodge ball for a long time. The balls didn't hurt, thank god, because those boys can throw really hard. You can only imagine what would have happened with actual playground balls. PAIN! I actually hit a kid, and he moved to duck and it actually hit his face. It was all good. He got me back-- and it was all painless.

Then we watched two teams play team basketball. That's where everyone has to score a basket. That was kind of painful to watch because some kids kept trying, but just couldn't get the ball in the basket. Finally it was over.

Then my team and another one got to play volleyball. I was excited, although I biffed a serve. But that's ok. We had fun, except yet again the detention specialists made unfair rules. So I had to intervene.

Then lunch.. And then the torturous 1 and 1/2 hours of playing bingo. NO one should have to play bingo for that long, especially with a room full of sweaty 16-year-olds. It was ok for a while, but probably should have ended about 45 mins after it started.

Despite the little issues, everything was pretty kosher. Kids like to play. It's amazing how they change when they're doing something they like, or focused on. For a few hours they didn't have to worry about their charges, family members, bad habits, gang affiliations, or being abused. They were just kids. Everyone should be so lucky.

It's days like this that feel normal to me. Camaraderie among staff and students, it builds morale. Yes, these kids need a little morale boosting, why do you think they're in there??? It's days like this that I don't mind being there and teaching there.

Ahh.. so Lost tonight, a little lost in career decisions, but not lost on feeling happy about today.

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