Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Blues

Yeah, not having a weekend really kind of makes the first day of the work week that much harder to deal with..... HOWEVER, it wasn't all bad. I have been teaching the kids to use chalk pastels and draw flowers... AND they're all doing it! It's awesome.

Today I didn't have time for my jog, or to be outside, which was the downside of the day. I had work this afternoon, I did learn some things. Work was extremely boring, and it was hard to find things to do again, but I did help more people than normal. It must have been a wine drinking Monday for a lot of people. I sold a lot of Proseco. It's funny. I like it, but I usually never think of buying it. It's a light sparkling Italian wine, kind of sweet and bubbly. It's perfect for a brunch. Anywho... this is what I learned:

Pouilly Fuisse- a French word for a wine that comes from the Burgundy region in France. It's chardonnay...

Pouilly Fume- a French word for a wine that comes from that same region, it's Sauvingon Blanc-- one of my favorite whites.

I haven't had either one of those types yet, but I hope to soon.. Perfect for summer.

Ok- tired.

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