Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Yay! It's May!

I made it back alive from Kansas City. And if you've been following the news you would know about the fatal shootings of some crazy guy who decided to shoot at people at mall. Guess what? It's close to where I was visiting, and on the way home from a day trip we saw the center, the police tape, the people getting questioned. It was a strange sight, It happened close to her home and she frequents that mall a couple times a week to get things for her family. It was really odd having passed that. At first I thought it might have been a fire or even a bomb threat because people were standing around and lots of police....then we got home, turned on the tv, and there it was.


The trip was good. It was nice to get away from the grind of the DC area, however, I am so tired because of my friend's 2 1/2 month old baby. What a cute little guy, but oh my gosh, it takes a lot to keep a little one content and cared for.

I visited the little "city" of Lawrence, KS. It's supposed to be a city, but it's really a big town. It's like a typical Mainstreet, USA and a college town (it's quaint). Which was kind of cool because there was a wide variety of people, lots to look at. For some reason I kept expecting to see souvenir shops or something because it seemed like a place where tourists would be. That's how nostalgic it was! I wish we could have had a bit more time to walk around, apparently KU has a nice art museum there. But we didn't get there.

And I just realized I didn't take any pictures at all! Oh well. Most of the time there was spent catching up with Amy (sans Travis, unfortunately) and meeting the bebe. it was just nice because it's kind of like coming home. They used to be a permanent fixture for me here and now they're there.

Still don't think I'll be moving there, but you never know where I'll be! HA!

Now I'm back, in my peaceful and clean apartment. I made it to the grocery store, made a kick-ass salad (if I do say so myself), and now I need to watch the news with one-eye closed.

Can I just say how much I hate Bush? A LOT! I know that we shouldn't have a specific date advertised to when troops leave.... SO why not leave that out, and make it secret? Apparently mission was not accomplished back in 2003. NO one really thought so, did they? He flew in on that aircraft carrier and all I thought was," Well I guess he fulfilled that childhood fantasy". But this has not been a successful mission for our troops. I guess you could look at the fact that Hussein is dead, but aren't we forgetting that the American public was lied to in the very beginning. So for me it's not about troops coming out... they never should have gone in!!!

OK- soap box is put away.

I went to a really neat spot in KCMO. It was a wine bar. We got a chance to taste a variety of wines. I got a "flight" called "Red for the Head". (gee I wonder why) It consisted of 3 reds. ALL GOOD! A zinfandel, a petite syrah, and a shiraz. Two of them we sell at my store. We also got a flight of cheese.. really good too. Amy got a "flight" of Italian reds, and Jeremy got a flight of bubbles! We all tried each other's and there was one we all didn't really enjoy a lot, and I think it was one of Amy's ----it was a blend of some grapes... I can't remember what it was...

Ok, short week for me. I can make it! I know I can.

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