Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day in the Burgh

I must admit, I really do like a lot about this city. One of the main thing is the architecture. It really is like your kind of transported to different times. Sure there are some tall buildings downtown, but the neighborhoods are what make this town special. Today we started over on the Mexican war streets, worked our way across the river, through downtown. Then on through Oakland, up to Shadyside. The funny thing is, this city does seem a lot smaller to me the. When I was a little college student. One of the first things I noticed this time, was that the city blocks and streets are shorter, smaller, and not really all that wide. Which isn't a huge problem, but kind of funny to navigate. We missed so many turns today because they came up so quickly. There is a lot that has changed too. Many of the places in Shadyside seem very commercial now. And I don't know how lOng it's been that way, but it felt unnatural. We did mange to walk around a little bit, and I kept admiring the houses that lined the streets. All early 1900s, I think. Many people have clearly swooped in and rescued them by renovating. Lucky!! We also managed to make it to the mattress factory. I like going there, it's fun to see some of the permanent installations and see the. Ew ones. Tomorrow it's off to see Andy Warhol and maybe the Carnegie. It seems as though this is a repeat of one of the first trips I took back in 1995. Good night!! More to follow tomorrow.

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