Monday, July 16, 2012

Where have you been?

It's true, I've been out of touch.  It's been so hard to sit and write for the last month or so.  I pushed through the last month of school like a trooper, and then I just didn't want to be attached to the computer.  And now, here it is, half way through my short summer break and not an update in sight.  Until now.

Well, I've only been out of school for 2 weeks, and I had great plans that I would be doing a lot of what I've missed out on throughout the year i.e. painting.  But no... hasn't really happened.  Instead, I've been planning a lot with people I know from the yoga training, and my fellow yoga partner to figure out how to implement yoga and create programs.  Which has been great.   It's time consuming,  and a lot of work, but it's all going great so far.  I want to grow the program this year, but still need funding.  So we're going to put together a nice let package, and then go present it all around the community.  If I want this to be my job I have to be able to go talk to others about it, right?

It's hard, and I feel like I've been giving up most of my summer, but the payoff will be great.  Not only will we be prepared for the after school program, but hopefully it will get me that much closer to working independently from any school district... ever.  (fingers crossed)

Last week was a bit of a break, though.  My family and I went to the beach for a week.  It was a a great time.  I played a lot, so hard that in the afternoon I fell asleep on the couch for a nap.  Playing in the waves, boogie boarding, and body surfing is s surefire way to stay in shape...let me tell you.  The undercurrent was unbelievable too.  You could walk out into the water and float along the coast and within seconds you would be pulled away from your original spot.  That's why I love the ocean though.  It's this living, breathing thing.  You have to let it do what it does.  No sense in fighting the wave that is about to crash on top of you, just go all in.  Underwater, over water, through...the water.  I loved it.

The ocean is very therapeutic place for me. I always go there and feel relief, stress free, and just relaxed.  I let go, I float, I swim.  I play.  There couldn't be a more perfect vacation for me than going to the beach.

The other thing I did there was collect lots of little shells. Nothing amazing, just delicate, very thin shells that kept popping up everywhere.  There were loads of shells, but these were the ones that kept calling to me this time.   I plan on using them as inspiration for some paintings (if I ever get around to that).  Some people are obsessed with shell hunting, in fact, they just had a little 10 minutes segment about that on TV.  Of course, the people doing the hunting are all old, retired people. (I can imagine that will be me)  What is it about shells?  Well, for me it the abundance of color and texture.  The delicateness and shape.  I can't really explain it, but when I pick a shell, I pick it because I'm drawn to it.  There's something special about it that I notice.  And, it becomes mine.

The other thing we did was take long walks in the evening, and that's always good.  Lhotse is allowed on the beach, and she loved it.  It always takes her a little while to warm up to the idea of walking in sand, but once she figures out that there are living things all over the place she goes crazy.  I love watching Lhotse on the beach.  She's so cute.

Now we're back to reality and facing all sorts of real issues again.  Jarle is back at work and I'm planning my yoga audition for this Thursday.  I can't wait, actually.  I'm really excited to do this, and hope that I get to at least be a substitute.  Then I hope it transitions into a class...

What about the rest of summer?  Well, I have about 2 weeks left before school starts up again.  I have to plan the enrichment program for my students, plan an after school program, figure out what I'm going to teach, find some workshops to attend so I can keep my art education certification, and maybe have time to bake some bread, go swimming, and paint.  It's going to go fast, and I'm no where near ready to look at the faces of my students... or my coworkers for that matter.

So until then, here are some photos of our short break at the shore! Hope you are enjoying your summer, wherever you may be.  P.S.  I took these photos with my iPhone.  Our camera was not operating properly... :-(

Lhotse wondering when her next walk will be. -sigh-

An unfortunate sign:  Worms and Coffee.  Too things that should never go together.

Definitely getting the puppy eyes, from the almost 11 year old dog.

Our little retreat this year.

Oh the sea!!!

Ready for our walk.  Release the hound!

Some tall sea grass

Me and the Lhotse.

Sun set

More grass and houses

The fading light and sky turning to night.  Nice breeze.

Jarle:  Do a yoga pose!
Me:  I can't stop laughing.

Water in the evening.

Goofing around with my husband,

Lhotse just about done, but following J.

Looking for some crabs, Lhotse??? Hummm????

Until next time....

Poor Bernard.  RIP. My niece and I made this about 3 days before this picture was taken.  Amazing that it's still mostly together even though it rained, and tides came in.  

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Jona said...

Haha. Love it. My favorite photos are of the sea grasses with the water in the background. And the one of you upside down with J behind. Very cool. Glad you enjoyed your time with your family. I know your break is short, but you are doing some amazing things. Relish these last two weeks. I hope they are productive, but fun. That's been our break this summer, too!