Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just taking it all in

I haven't forgotten the re-emergence of my blog...I'm just coming back to reality at home.  Yes, you know how it is, piles of laundry, dirty bathrooms, dishes, dusting, and all the other domestic things.  BUT- I will post some pics from the Pittsburgh trip.  It was fun, and well worth the drive.

On a different note,  I only have about a week left of summer vacation, and I have to say I'm a little depressed. I think the next 10 days are going to fly by, and I won't know what hit me.  I'm  not ready to return, nor am I ready to teach.  As a bonus, we're even going to have a new principal...  I'm being sarcastic here.  Schools placed in detention homes are known for having notoriously BAD leadership, and I'm really nervous about that.  It has been the school districts mission to remove low-performing principals and giving them to us, mostly because they'll do the least damage here.  How wrong they are... we need someone with fantastic leaderships skills that can get people to work together for the students.  A hard job indeed....

On the bright side, maybe we'll be starting the year without one, and I think that would be perfectly acceptable too.

So I hope to relish these last few days of freedom, hoping to be slightly more refreshed when I left and ready to start all over again.

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