Monday, July 30, 2012


This year the Olympics are taking place in London.  What an amazing city that is!  Haven't been there since I was in high school, but always dream that someday I'll go back to visit.  I was really looking forward to watching the Olympics this year, because I avoided watching them the last time.  I had a real problem with Beijing being the host city.  Not that this year isn't controversial, especially since the uniforms that our US Olympians are wearing were made in China! COME ON AMERICA, get it together!  I was so disappointed when I heard that, it made me want to avoid the games again.

But I didn't.  I watched the opening ceremonies, and a few events.  I have some opinions about some of the things, and I don't want to get too negative.  After all, to me, the Olympics really are about coming together, putting your best foot forward, and really kind of celebrating humanity!  I mean, right???  Every time the Olympics come around I do really get excited.  There are some amazing human interest stories, the dedication to the training, and even the attitudes expressed by some of the athletes (I'm talking about you Michael Phelps!)  It's pretty amazing.

One thing that I always keep in the back of my mind, though, is how other countries view the Olympics.  If you watch the opening ceremonies, you seen all the countries parade through with a variety of clothing.  You see everything from the very sporty Italians to traditionally dressed Nepali people.  You see the scores of athletes that come from Europe and America, and then the countries that only have 2 people as a representation.  It's pretty amazing to see some of the African countries come in full traditional dress, draped in gold, but then see the Americans come in berets (umm....France?).

All in all I really wanted to like the opening ceremonies.  It was a dream of a British Hollywood director.  He definitely had a point of view, but it lacked some clarity.  I mean, he did tell a story, but it was sort of choppy and odd.  I mean there was a really scary giant baby, and all those health care workers, and then the very disjointed technology appreciation love story?  Umm--- what about GB's connection to the Olympics, or heck--- world domination???

And the music.  I love British music (at least what I thought was good British music).  I was not overly impressed by the music choice,  umm...."Firestarter"?  Really?  If you were going for anger and fast paced, why was there no punk???  I mean really.  Music was a huge part of the opening "play".  They were clearly going for a timeline in the music, but I thought they missed most of the 80's.  At least the good parts of the 80's.  But who am I? Not a famous director.  Just a simpleton Yank, really.

I am glad I watched.  I loved the torch.  I thought that was pretty amazing, the bike doves were cool.  And I did like the grass everywhere, I thought the coordination for the pastoral period into the industrial revolution was pretty cool.

I've been watching some of the events, and it doesn't really matter who I cheer for, I like seeing everyone.  It always amazes me to see people pushing their bodies to do so much.  It's incredible to see the twisting and turns of diving, the power and speed of swimming, and the strength and grace from the gymnasts.  It's really amazing (can I just say that over and over?).

I have given the Olympics a bad rap for many years, and I still feel a little uneasy about some parts of it (professionals playing in the Olympics - of course everyone does it now).  But all in all it is a story about the human spirit.  The way we deliver ourselves everyday to reach our own potential.  It's a great place to begin being inspired about new things in your own life.  Whether you watch them to just see who's the best, watch for the stories, or look with amazement as someone completes an event with a world record, it is something to behold.

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