Thursday, July 19, 2012


It's crazy that I can type this as I'm slowly creeping my way to Pittsburgh along i76. I'm just in awe of technology right now. 18 yeArs ago, I would have been staring out the window, listening to my walkman ( I didn't have a portable cd player yet). I would have. Eenistening to
Iced tapes I recorded off the radio from whfs ( which was the only amazing radio station dc ever had). I would have been pointing out signs to my dad. My dad and I would be talking about how you just never see anybody outside in small towns. Seriously, no one looks like their home in Pennsylvanian small towns. It looks like these towns don't have citizens, like the whole town has been abducted by aliens.

But I digress, we're on our way. And unjust realized that I a least need to stop at an Eat n' Park and get some smile cookies. For those of you out there who don't know, this is a restaurant that is like a Perkins or Bob's Big Boy, or... I dunno, one of those places almost diner like, that serves all kinds of things. Anyway, Eat n' Park, i've only ever seen it in western PA. And they have these awesome sugar cookies, with cute smiles on them. Anyway, it's nostalgic for me, more than anything else.

Ahh, memories, I guess there were some fond memories about being way out in western PA for college. I often don't remember it fondly most of the time. It's funny how you do try to Han on to the fun or good memories. It's natural, I suppose, to try to forget the negative. We can't walk around as containers of negative circumstances. We'd always be such sad individuals.

Well, we're getting closer, I see lots for greens and hills, farms, and empty land. It's nice to be away from the rat race of the dc metro area. Endless miles of concrete, malls, politcos, government buildings, and suburbia.

Pittsburgh = about 100 miles

And remember: bridge may be icy.

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