Monday, April 16, 2007

1 oh 5

This is the 105th post.... aren't you tired of me yet? Well, you probably are, but you're all just too nice to tell me to my face... good. Let's keep it that way. I like to believe I'm liked by many.

- Strange day today, a security risk today at school. Instead, time was wasted being berated by one of the old Principal's friend/co-worker/mentor at this program-school. Whatever.. stay in your own lane, as they say. What gives anyone the right to discuss what we do?

- Might get to transfer-- see, there's always a bright side to some things.

- It's Freezing. What happened to spring? No more wind, no more rain, bring the sun and the fun.

- Cotes du Rhone--- if it's good enough for the French, it's good enough for me. There were some French people that came in and purchased a really well priced Cotes Du Rhone... Seriously, trust the French in wine, they know what they're doing..... If you like red wine, you'd probably like it. It's meant to eat a meal with, the wine is lighter than a Bordeaux. I can't handle Bordeaux sometimes, a bit too bold. However, if you're a meat eater-- have a steak and a Bordeaux.

- I hate the lady on the Commit Lozenge commercial. Just stop smoking. YOU ARE WEAK!

- I've got soul------but I'm not a soldier... just wondering if you're paying attention.

- Did I mention it's cold.

- Hurrah! I have a half day tomorrow! I don't have to report until 11:40 am! Nice, and then I have lunch! I teach two periods tomorrow! Although, they're not my favorites...

- Started a new painting, might actually get to show it next fall! I'm going to try to make many paintings, possibly enough for a body of work. We'll see. I need and want to be an artist all over again. I need to stop making excuses. I love to paint, it's a part of me. Maybe that's why I feel so out of sorts....

Ok- well time for the lesson I learned about wine today (believe it or not it wasn't the one above):

Some wines are meant for you to drink now and others are for to hold on to. Like most whites, and some reds. Usually the more expensive, well, you can kind of guess what you're supposed to do, hold on to them. Sometimes if a particular vintage had a good year, you can hold on to it no matter what. However, since no one I know has a wine cellar that's temperature controlled, or a ton of money to just go out and buy cases and cases of wine-- DRINK WHAT YOU LIKE, and just enjoy it.

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