Monday, April 02, 2007

Cherry Blossom Time

So it's Cherry Blossom time in our nation's capitol. It was a beautiful day. My friend Ruth and I took the metro downtown and hopped off at the Smithsonian. We wondered through the crowds towards the Washington Monument, down around the Tidal Basin to the Jefferson memorial. I couldn't have asked for a more prettier day!

So today was the official day that the cherry blossoms are supposed to be in full bloom. Personally I think they might be a few days off. We saw tons of blossoms. for sure, but they have already started to lose their gentle pink color and have already started to turn pale. Never-the-less, still soft and puffy. Like the clouds today.

Below the Jefferson Memorial along the Tidal basin. Lots of people on this side of the basin, If you ever come here, start over by the memorial. It's a lot quieter and less crowded.

There are just tons and tons of blossoms, everywhere you look. The wind was blowing quite a lot, so some of the petals would fall off.

Yep. It's me.

Slowly but surely working our way to the memorial. Beautiful views every step of the way.

We made it around to the Jefferson, and we came across these smaller cherry trees. People were tying wishes on them. A tradition in Japanese culture.

This wish says it all.

The blossoms had a nice fragrance. Although very subtle. It's really nice to play tourist every once in a while in this city because there's no pressure. I can see what I want and go back as many times as I want. I'm glad I got to see the cherry blossoms. It had been a while. Probably since elemetary school. I think later on this week I may pay a visit to one of the museums on the mall.

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