Monday, April 09, 2007

Wine word of the day

Ok, so I'm learning a lot. Today I looked at so many bottles of wine, I thought my eyes were going to explode. So I figure, each time I go to work I'll let you know one thing I learned. Therefore, it will stick in my head, and... being that I am a teacher... you'll learn something too.


"Cuvee"-- Any guesses?

It means a a special blend or batch of wine that is to be of the finest from that winemaker. It also could be from the first press of the fruit.

It's interesting because I don't see it on a lot of bottles, but they aren't the most expensive wines either. So I guess the next bottle I'll have to buy is one with "cuvee" on it so I know if it really is the finest from that particular winemaker...

Hummmmmmmmm, I love my job.

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