Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Some good things..

Click on : There There.

It's like a story of maps.... It's funny and gives you facts for the next time you play Jeopardy.. yeah, I know you don't play jeopardy.. But at least you can get a kick out of it. Just click on the arrows to follow along


The weather. The last few days have been amazing, I've been out and about every chance I can get. I just got back from a jog. Found a great trail (urban trail). It's just so nice. I love it. I think this is really why I love Alexandria. You can just enjoy everything by just walking around.


This CHEAP chardonnay I'm drinking right now. It's called: Blackwing. It's no big deal, but easy to drink, nice and smooth. And very inexpensive. I think I got it for $6 ish... It might retail for a bit more, but it's nice... The Shiraz is also very pleasant!


It's mid-week, and you know what that means.. Lost! Last week I missed about 1/2 of it because of the wine job, but I'm back on track this week. Only about 4 more episodes to go, and the reason why it's good to count down, is because it means that it's closer to the end of the school year.


Kansas City, I'm on my way... 3rd time this year. It's getting ridiculous that this is the most exotic place I've been all year long. That's ok.... next on my list??? MANILLA!! (I just need to save for that one.)


I actually heard "The Shins" on the radio for the first time ever. We all-of-a-sudden got this new radio station in the area. They some how acquired the "old HFS" music and now this station that once was a classic rock station is now improved!!!!! They also acquired a DJ from "old HFS"... Weasel... Even though he's kind of annoying in his sound, I respect the man for the music he sometimes plays, although it is still not good-old-HFS.... those days are long long long gone.... (which is not a good thing, it's actually kind of sad)

OK-- And number seven, my dinner is done... so, gotta eat.

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