Monday, April 23, 2007

Let's talk weather.

It's beautiful! Finally we have some sunshine and some nice warm weather to deal with instead of 10 days of clouds, rain and wind. Saturday I had to work, so I wasn't able to totally get out and enjoy it that day. However, I did enjoy some expensive wine...

We sampled some really nice wines at the store. Some affordable for a nice occasion, or unless you have money to burn.... But the rest...too much for me.

There was a wine called "Problem Child". I wanted to buy a case of it! (just for the name, it wasn't my favorite that day) Then there was the "Amon Ra"-- Egyptian name, Australian made. That was a great wine, only $85 a bottle. Then there was the sauterne. A very sweet, desert wine, 1/2 a bottle just $80! WOW! That was unbelievable actually, but really you couldn't drink more than a small glass.

Saturdays are always more interesting because I get to work with people, and I get to drink on the job . Today, not so much. It was boring, and I feel like I'm reaching out desperately to help people. PLEASE TALK TO ME! I CAN HELP. Don't worry, that's not what I do, it's just how I feel. I got a paycheck, but I keep forgetting to pick it up! So I'm not sure if this will benefit me so much. It may just be helping me to keep drinking wine. Which isn't so much a bad thing.

Sunday was a good day. I explored some of Alexandria I've never seen before. It was sunny, even got a little burned, but I didn't mind. There were tons of people outside, enjoying the weather. Then I came back and painted. YES, I know, the skies have parted! I may get a chance to show a couple of pieces in the fall, so I thought I'd start it up again. We'll see how it goes. It'd be great if I could make a complete body of work and show it.

SO now I owe you two lessons in wine:

One- residual sugars (RS)-- it's the left over sugars in wine. Every wine has them, but the less the percentage, the less sweet. It's rare to find even a dry wine without even a gram of sugar in a litre of wine. The sauterne I tasted had probably 100-150 grams! SWEET!

Two- cool fact. Our store is only allowed one case a year of the sauterne I tasted. There was a lady that came by and took it like a shot. She found out how much it cost, and said," oh, no, isn't there something like that for less?" So one of the wine people I work with took her over to the section and showed her the $12 bottles and said," You'd probably like this too." She didn't buy anything, and came back for another shot.

Ok, that's enough for tonight. My feet actually hurt.

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