Friday, April 13, 2007

Done with taxes

I hate tax time, especially this year. It was a bit complicated. I lived in Egypt, kind of lived in a variety a places around the area.... ARGH! It was hard finding forms. In Virginia they don't put the VA tax forms in the library or Post Offices anymore. You have to print them on line-- and I don't have a printer, so I had to print them at my best friend's house. I know a lot of people just do them online, but I couldn't this year, because last year I didn't file that way. So anyway, I figured it all out, got what I needed. It's fine.

I go to mail them today and I have no envelopes... NONE! What the heck? I usually have a box lying around somewhere. ARGH! So I go and make a run to get some. Found some. Started filling out the addresses. So I'm about to go drop them in a mailbox, when ok--- I have no stamps! I knew I had stamps.... Somewhere... So I go all the way home, find the stamps, put them on, and go outside my building and drop them off....

It's done. For 12 more months, only to begin again... Hopefully next year I'll just be able to do them online and everything will be fine... hopefully.

Ok. Well I must get on the road to NJ.


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